How to combine boxing training and bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and boxing are known to belong to various sports. As in many other types of martial arts, building an array of embossed muscles becomes generally a definite obstacle for a boxer. But, at the same time, in order to significantly increase the muscular effort of striking in boxing, as well as in the case of an athlete striving to be in a heavier weight category, it becomes impossible to do without weight training, at least to overcome his own weight. Therefore, the athlete still has to combine bodybuilding training with boxing and here he needs to remember and try to adhere to some certain rules:

  • A kick of a boxer can definitely constrain the biceps, since its excessively large volume does not contribute to the full extension of the arm, and the force of the blow as a result of this is reduced. For this reason, it is better to refuse special exercises that work to increase biceps, such as lifting the barbell and dumbbells, or do them to a minimum. Effective in this case will be the implementation of 2-3 approaches with 6-8 repetitions and the maximum allowable weight, which will only help strengthen the biceps, but without much increase in volume.
  • The strength of a boxer's blow is directly dependent on the width of the range of his hand (wider scope - a stronger blow), in connection with which, an athlete needs to develop deltoid muscles by lifting the barbell, dumbbells and weights above his head, as well as pulling up, pushing up and doing bench presses. As a rule, modern boxing schools are fully equipped with sports equipment designed for this purpose: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, horizontal bars, racks and others.
  • Triceps is responsible for the full extension of the arm and this muscle also needs to be strengthened. Effectively strengthen the triceps push-ups from the floor and on the uneven bars, as well as the tight grip bench press - all these exercises are often already included in the boxer's training program, and therefore it does not make sense to perform them separately.
  • Strong legs of the athlete are the key to his stability. The stronger they are, the more difficult it is to knock a boxer down and knock down or knock out. Effectively increase the power of kicks, which is especially important in kickboxing, doing squats.
  • Strong muscles of the neck help to keep the blow to the athlete, which can be pumped only with special equipment. But, nevertheless, such exercises as rotational movements of the head and tilts to the left - to the right, back and forth - are useful and effective.
  • The muscles of the press must protect the body of the boxer and, above all, the vital internal organs, and especially the liver. There are two ways to pump up the press: either due to the large number of repetitions in several approaches, which works to increase muscle endurance, or due to the small number of repetitions compensated by weighting (usually a disk behind your back), which significantly increases muscle strength.

If boxing is the main one, and bodybuilding is an additional sport, then weight training is recommended to be performed twice a week:

  • the first, aimed at the body and legs (swing the press and squats);
  • the second, working on the body and deltoid muscles (bench press and lifting the bar, both lying and sitting).

According to another scheme, weighted exercises are performed after each basic boxing training for 20-30 minutes. These approaches can significantly increase the endurance of the athlete.

If the main type of bodybuilding, and boxing is only its complement, then after each workout it will be useful for the bodybuilder to work in pairs or on bags for 30-40 minutes, which will increase his endurance, will allow him to lose excess weight and thereby help him to detail muscles.

It is not recommended to engage in boxing before the main training in order to avoid fatigue, which is fraught with a significant reduction in the working weight of the shells, as well as the number of approaches and repetitions. The bodybuilder is also recommended to devote a couple of workouts per week to boxing only in order to prevent muscle adaptation and diversify his training program.