Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov was born in the city of Sofia (Bulgaria) on September 22, 1984. With a height of 180 cm, his weight is 88 kg.

By his age, this personality reached considerable heights not only in the field of bodybuilding and basketball, which he had been fond of since childhood, but also in the field of show business (Lazar takes an active part in the filming of clips and advertisements).

Before deciding on the career of a bodybuilder and personal trainer, Lazar had been engaged in basketball at a professional level for 10 long years and during that time managed to earn the place of honor of one of the best players in his team. At the age of 16 he was admitted to the youth national team, after which he moved to his national basketball league. And now, by the age of 18, Lazarus enters the army, where his passion for the world of bodybuilding originates. After some time, he will receive a special certificate of a professional coach of the National Sports Academy, after which his career begins in working with people interested in realizing their own potential.

The whole life of Angelov is devoted to bodybuilding. Since 2006, he has repeatedly participated in various tournaments in which he occupied at least third place. According to the bodybuilder himself, he never recognized steroid drugs, nor did their use.

The athlete's uniqueness lies in his possession of one of the most impressive abdominals in the world. Perhaps this is precisely the argument that caused people to turn to him daily for advice on training and healthy eating. And in order to cope with a huge stream of messages and messages, the athlete created a special website where he uploads news and useful information for those who need professional advice.


  • 1 Recently, a short interview was conducted with Lazarus:
    • 1.1 What things or events in life contribute to the preservation of your motivation "> 1.2 When it comes to nutrition, what do you eat?
    • 1.3 If you are asked the most common question, what is it?
    • 1.4 What do you consider your greatest achievement?
    • 1.5 What did you plan for the future?
    • 1.6 Lazar Angelov

Recently, a short interview was conducted with Lazarus:

What things or events in life contribute to maintaining your motivation?

Good music and kind people who always support me. From music, I adhere to the directions of rap gangsta and hip-hop, but more recently I began to sit down on different soundtracks and heavy metal. Every day I receive hundreds of messages and letters from clients who proudly and joyfully inform me of their achievements. It is because of this that I understand that my example can inspire others as well, and this encourages me to move further.

Touching on the topic of nutrition - what do you eat?

It is necessary to observe the proper nutrition schedule, for which the diet is divided into 7 receptions. The first includes 6 egg whites along with oatmeal. The second includes soft chicken fillet with rice. Eating for the third time, I eat almonds and protein. At the fourth reception, the second reception is best suited - a soft chicken fillet with rice. For the fifth time, you can combine salad with tuna. Further, at the sixth intake, the body to get protein again does not hinder the chicken fillet with rice (as with the second intake). In the end, the food can be enriched with the traditional Bulgarian izvara dish. It will provide the body with the necessary amount of casein.

If you are asked the most common question, what is it?

“How long have you been training?”

My answer is "Lifelong"

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

That I found my way through life. I am the way I wanted to see myself in the past. I have my favorite business, but is this not an indicator?

What did you plan for the future?

I want the whole world to see my athletic body. And along with this, continue to help everyone who needs my advice and support. And I would also like to change the public opinion about men fitness models. From my point of view, they should not look like Keny - the Barbie doll guys, but like real heroes of blockbusters and action movies.

Lazar Angelov