Who are the turnstiles

We see a beautiful athletic figure only at stadiums, platforms, in gyms, and sometimes on beaches. We dream of strength, dexterity, athleticism, lying on the couch. Youth has not ended, but we are already growing fat. On the body, it is not the chest that stands out clearly, but a rounded belly.


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  • 3 How is a turnstile different from a bodybuilder?
  • 4 Is this “empty” business?
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Turnikmen - who is it?

But you just have to want to and at first show perseverance, as people will follow you, for some reason sighing enviously. You say: expensive gym equipment, gyms ">

What does a turnstile need?

First of all, a horizontal bar. Unlike the sports bar, it is absolutely not flexible. The necessary requirements for it are a solid fixation in the ground and the absence of damage (cracks, rust). The presence of “antimozolin” (gloves) and bandages depends on these requirements. To use them, or to fill corns - it depends on the athlete's desire. This is impossible without it, since the life of a street athlete sometimes depends on it, so it is without “straps”, that is, safety belts. Still, not a gym, no mats, the consequences of a breakdown from a projectile are unpredictable. And, of course, the necessary conditions - a balanced diet and good rest.

How is a turnstile different from a bodybuilder "> The goal of the turnstile is to perform as many feints and strength exercises as possible. Bodybuilder, although also engaged in a horizontal bar, sets himself a completely different task: building muscle. An increase in biceps and triceps requires completely different exercises. Let's just say: if some develop their body adroit, strong and coordinated, then the second "sculpt" their muscles.

Is this a business "empty"> of a healthy lifestyle and physical development of the turnstile-maker creates a powerful educational effect. For any teenager, the elder brother or his friends become an object of imitation. It is easy to imagine how many such teenagers did not take the first puff, did not try yet rubbish looking at his idol.

Definitely, this new sports movement brings to the life of the street, developing according to its unwritten laws, only a positive charge.

Video “Turnikmen”