Perfect bodies: 38 photos of athletes from the Golden Age of bodybuilding

Nobody could imagine that what was happening at the Muscle Beach competitions on Venice Beach, California, in 1950 would make a real revolution in the world of bodybuilding. Decades later, this time will be called the golden era of bodybuilding . At that time, nutritional supplements were not as common as they are today, in bodybuilding there was more soul ... Less excuses, more training. Less chatter, more sweat. Below are 38 photos of the greatest golden age bodybuilders. They will take you at that time and make you exclaim: “ They have no equal! "

Photograph of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1960s.

“I have always perceived bodybuilding as an art form. Only my material is not clay, but my own body, ”- Lee Labrada .

Steve reeves

The standard of aesthetics: Bob Paris .

Two champions . Two friends. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Colombo

Franco Colombo and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mike Mentzer and Joe Wyder

“Mind is limited. As long as you can imagine the fact that you are able to do something, you will do it if you are truly 100% sure, ”- Arnold Schwarzenegger .

Bodybuilding is not only sport, first of all it is art” - Serge Nyubre

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sergio Olivia, Mr. Olympia Tournament, 1972

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Colombo

Serge Nyubre

Franco Colombo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Heyslop

Franco Colombo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Lou Ferrigno

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serge Nyubre

Serge Nyubre

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bob Paris

This man was recognized as the greatest master of posing, his name is Ed Roots ! This image was taken in 1975 at Mr. Olympia, Pretoria, South Africa

Franco Colombo and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Larry scott

Serge Nyubre, Franco Colombo and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Franco Colombo, Yusup Wilkosh and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tom Platz and Lou Ferrigno

Serge Nyubre

Lou Ferrigno

Bob Paris

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Franco Colombo “Sardinian Strongman”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Colombo

Don Ross and Serge Nyubre

Franco Colombo, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger

“For me, the worst thing is to be like everyone else. I hate it. ”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yusup Wilkosh, Reid Schindler and Mike Mentzer

Robbie Robinson, Joe Wyder and Lou Ferrigno

“Take more risks than others consider safe. Take care more than others consider prudent. Dream more than others think appropriate. Hope for more than others think possible. ”- Frank Zane


Bodybuilders of the golden era are admired to this day, their appearance in general and attention to detail conquer all who are passionate about sports. First of all, they spent their time and energy to achieve the results they dreamed about. They glorified their time. Those years will forever remain in the memory of people with the golden era of bodybuilding.