Weight Training Workout

Training programs that pursue an intense set of muscle mass are called weight training. As a rule, programs of this type are not limited to training one type of muscle. It is also worth noting that the transition to the implementation of this program should be after completing the course for beginners.

Each departure must understand that it is necessary to carry out each exercise, each program in any sport in due time. The first step in your career was to restore and strengthen your muscles. At this stage, the foundation was laid for highly effective subsequent training. Now the time has come to use all recovered and accumulated resources. And, of course, the question arises of where to start ">

In a first approximation, the human body is a cost-effective and balanced system. The profitability of the human body lies in the fact that without the need, the body will not waste energy in vain, and will retain it as much as possible. In this regard, during training should constantly be present an increase in loads. The balance of the body is understood as the impossible development of the muscles of some groups without others, so there must be a variety of exercises in training.

Our unique organism possesses such quality as hypertrophy. It is this innate property that allows us to adapt to the increasing load in training. That’s why the workout load should constantly increase. Only in this case will you progress along with the load. But here the second irreplaceable quality of an organism is included in work - balance. So, to achieve a different state of different muscle groups is quite difficult. Thus, it turns out that groups consisting of small muscles are very difficult to develop without their large opponents. It is also worth noting that progress in the load is observed, as a rule, when performing basic exercises.

Thus, it turns out that for the development of all muscle groups, it is advisable to perform basic exercises. In order not to come up with anything new, mass gain programs just include the implementation of basic exercises. It is worth noting that this technique applies to all stages of training, but the use of exercises depends on the type of training program. So, the training programs of experienced athletes will, in addition to these exercises, contain many more subtleties, for example, such as micro-periodization, macro-periodization and others.

It is worthwhile to understand that at the beginning of the program, it’s not worthwhile to apply the above little tricks to gain mass, because, firstly, performing them at the initial stage will significantly reduce the rate of development and growth of muscle tissue, and secondly, applying efficiency from They will be scanty. The effectiveness of additional subtleties in strength exercises is reduced due to the fact that the load from the main exercises will significantly decrease or quite the opposite, you will drive the body into an overtrained state and it will not have time to recover in the allotted time period. It is also necessary to remember about hypertrophy, i.e. in the future, these exercises will be completely new, and the effectiveness in subsequent stages of training may drop.

To gain muscle mass, you will need to observe one more point. Earlier in the article, it was said about muscle recovery. So, the body just needs to recover between workouts. Thus, you need to forget about alcohol, get enough sleep and use a bodybuilding diet. The main principle of the diet is that the final calorie yield should be positive, that is, you need to eat more than spend.

Just to restore the muscles of various groups used split. It includes the training of some muscle groups, and after a while the second muscle group. Thus, in the second training session, the first group is resting, which allows it to recover most fully. When using a split, a certain muscle reaches its maximum in time. It was at this time that she was best trained. The best option is a split designed for three days.

Training program to increase muscle mass

Day One (Monday). Biceps and Chest Workout

  • Bench press on a straight bench - 4x8;
  • Bench press on an inclined bench - 3x12;
  • Lifting the bar for biceps - 4x10;
  • Hammer - 3x12.

Day Two (Wednesday). Leg and shoulder training

  • Squat with a barbell - 4x10;
  • Leg press - 3x15;
  • Romanian deadlift (deadlift on straight legs) - 4x12;
  • Army type bench press - 3x12.

The third day (Friday). Back and Triceps Workout

  • Deadlift - 4x12;
  • Wide grip pull-ups on the horizontal bar - 4 x max;
  • Thrust in a slope - 3x10;
  • The narrow grip bench press - 4x12.

Muscle Gain Exercises