How to pump biceps at home?

Biceps is one of the brachial muscles, which is very clearly visible under the skin. This muscle is known to almost every person, because it is with it, one can say, bodybuilding begins. What is bodybuilding ">

From time immemorial, the biceps in the human body is designed to perform two actions:

1. Flexion of the elbow joint.

2. Inversion of the hand.

Performing the second step explains why the biceps of the weightlifter are much smaller than the biceps of a person who simply works with dumbbells in the morning. From the weight of the rod, the load goes only to the part of the muscle responsible for flexion-extension, and part of the muscle fibers is in a relaxed state, waiting for rotational actions by the brush. Based on this, the first useful exercise is working with dumbbells. Moreover, each bend of the elbow must be accompanied by inversion of the hand. It seems a trifle, but a simple experiment can be done: bend your arm at the elbow, as if you lifted a sports equipment, if now with your second hand or someone else will check the condition of the biceps of the bent arm, then muscle tension will be noticeable. Now, without straightening your arms, begin to turn the brush, the biceps will become tougher - come to a state of maximum tension.

By the way, do not overdo it with the weight of sports equipment. If the weight is too large, then a turn or, to put it scientifically, it is impossible to perform supination of the hand, and what the incomplete load of the biceps leads to has already been said. Work with dumbbells can be done every other day with one extra day off per week, without fear of overload due to overweight. When you begin to perform the right exercises in sufficient quantities, immediately feel that the muscle began to develop.

For a full range of exercises aimed at developing biceps, a pair of stacked dumbbells, a chair, a towel (preferably a waffle) and an inflatable ball are enough.

If, in addition to training at home, you already have some kind of training schedule, then do not forget that at least 6 hours must pass between sports training. If your regular workouts are evening, then train your biceps in the morning or vice versa.

We recommend the following apparently simple training program for the development of the brachial muscle. Yes, we should not forget that there are no exercises for the development of one muscle. So, this set of exercises will inevitably affect all the shoulder muscles to varying degrees.

There are six exercises:

1. Alternate lifting dumbbells sitting.

2. The diagonal hammer.

3. Inclined rises on the ball.

4. Lifting the ball with one hand.

5. Rise on a towel.

6. The rise of a direct grip.

Let's consider each exercise separately.

1. The most simple exercise: in a sitting position, on a chair, hold the projectile in straight arms, bend your elbows at one time, turning the wrist on yourself. No need to make sudden movements. Perform the exercise slowly, measuredly, not forgetting about the supination of the wrist joint, hold your biceps in tension for a few seconds, only then extend your arm to its original position.

2. This analogue of the first exercise can be performed sitting or standing. The main difference is that the dumbbell is brought to the opposite shoulder.

3. Accept the supine position, but under the back the supporting role should be to perform a large gymnastic ball (as in the image). Feet better to rest against the wall. Hands with dumbbells straightened. The head is straight, the gaze is directed upwards. The elbows are strictly fixed, do not change the position of the elbows when doing the exercise. Bend your arms, as in the exercise "Sequential Raises Sitting", fix the projectile for a few seconds at the peak point and slowly translate it to its original position.

4. You need to kneel in front of the ball, rest your hand on the ball to maintain balance, put the other hand (in which the dumbbell) on the ball. Without lifting your hands with the projectile from the ball, without making efforts with the body, only with the movement and tension of the shoulder muscle lift the dumbbell, fix it for a couple of seconds and slowly lower it to its original position.

5. In a standing position, head straight, look ahead, with your hands down in front of you, hold the dumbbell on a twisted towel (as in the image on the left). Fixing the elbows motionlessly, lift the dumbbell by turning the hands on yourself, as in the first exercise. Do not forget about the pause during peak contraction of the biceps.

6. Standing, keep the dumbbells in front of you in arms extended downward. Very slowly perform lifting the dumbbells, fixing and returning to the starting position.

In the first lesson in each week, it is enough to do three sets of 10 times each of the first three exercises. In the second lesson - three to ten remaining three. But in the third, alternating the first or second weeks, perform 3x10 second, third and fifth exercises in odd weeks and the first, fourth, sixth exercises in even weeks.

That's the whole simple set of exercises for pumping up the shoulder muscles at home. Before you start training, make sure that your strengths, desires and capabilities coincide. What exactly to pump biceps for an external demonstration is your goal, that you are ready to continue these exercises in the future to maintain shape. Otherwise, the consequences of short-term muscle development and non-use of it may not be very pleasant.

In modern conditions, a lot of information. Do not forget to choose an individual diet based on high-calorie and protein nutrition. Seek professional nutritionists to help you find the right nutrition so that all your physical training efforts are not in vain.