Creatine by Ostrovit

Creatine complex “Creatine” increases the strength potential and stimulates the weight gain of the athlete. The product is manufactured by the Polish company Ostrovit. It is taken exclusively during muscle building. The active components of the complex are pure creatine monohydrate and taurine. The latter allows you to increase the intensity of training and protect muscle fibers from catabolic processes. Thus, the addition of taurine to the composition of the product significantly increases its effectiveness.


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Reception effects

The use of this sports nutrition allows you to achieve the following positive results:

  • increase in muscle volume and increase in strength potential;
  • increase anaerobic endurance and performance during sports;
  • suppression of catabolic processes.

The negative consequence of taking this complex is that it retains fluid in the body. This does not affect well-being and health. Excess water leaves the body after completing the course of taking the creatine complex.


Each serving of creatine supplement is 2.5 grams. It contains:

  • creatine monohydrate —2.47 or 2.28 g;
  • taurine - 25 mg;
  • Vitamin B6 - 2.5 mg.

The difference in the amount of creatine monohydrate is due to which complex they acquire - tasteless or tasteful. In the first, more active active ingredient, and in the second embodiment less. The difference of 0.19 g accounts for additional components. Citric acid, flavors, sweeteners are added to the complex with taste.

How to take Creatine from Ostrovit

Specialists of the manufacturer of the Creatine complex recommend consuming two servings of this supplement per day. The substance is dissolved either in ordinary water or in any juice. Enough 100-150 ml of liquid. It is best to drink creatine in the morning and then after the workout. You should not give up the second portion in the days free from sports.

To increase the effectiveness of the drug, it is taken in conjunction with accelerating supplements. Ostrovit experts recommend that athletes combine Creatine with:

  • whey protein that helps to gain lean muscle mass, for example, the addition of WPC 80;
  • with amino acids that accelerate recovery processes after training and suppress catabolism, for example, BCAA 8: 1: 1 or 2: 1: 1.

The optimal duration of the course is from 1 to 1.5 months, that is, 4-6 weeks. Then comes a break. There are athletes who take this complex on a regular basis, since it does not cause any side effects, with the exception of water retention. The advantage of this approach is the constant stimulation of muscle mass gain and an increase in strength indicators, and, therefore, endurance.


In online sports nutrition stores, on thematic sites and forums, there are many reviews about the creatine complex in question. Athletes are generally satisfied with the results. They note the good compatibility of taurine with creatine monohydrate, which allows to stimulate mass gain and increase strength potential.

The most popular among bodybuilders is the tasteless version of this complex. This is explained by the desire to get more pure creatine monohydrate. To give this option flavor additives allow various juices. Taking a variation with taste is risky enough. She may not like it and drinking such sports nutrition will be rather unpleasant.