True Mass gainer from BSN

True Mass Gainer is an innovative gainer. The sports supplement has unique properties and is among the best mixtures for bodybuilders based on proteins and carbohydrates. The product is different from most gainers on the market. It does not contain simple carbohydrates that contribute to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The composition of the supplement contains long carbohydrates, which, unlike simple ones, increase muscle lean mass due to slow absorption.

Along with long (complex) carbohydrates, the gainer contains a protein multicomponent matrix. It consists of casein, whey protein concentrate, isolate and milk, and whey protein, calcium caseinate. The high efficiency of the additive is due to the unique amino acid composition and the different period of assimilation of each individual component. Therefore, the body receives the required nutrients for a longer period of time.


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The effect of taking True Mass Gainer

The use of a protein-carbohydrate supplement manufactured by BSN has the following positive effects on the athlete's body:

  • provides amino acid supplementation of muscle fibers for eight hours, helping to accelerate volume growth;
  • thanks to the dietary fiber contained in the supplement, it improves the absorption of nutrients and substances valuable to the bodybuilder;
  • replenishes the reserves of both interchangeable and irreplaceable amino acids, including BCAA;
  • contributes to the growth of lean muscle mass without excess fat.

The gainer is in demand among both amateurs and professionals. Its use helps not only to increase muscle volumes, but also recover faster after intensive training. The use of supplements leads to a normalization of glycogen concentration, microtrauma received during the session, heal much better. Thanks to the product, the athlete restores the energy reserves spent on training, quickly returns to normal and feels a surge of strength.

How to take True Mass

One serving, consisting of three scoops, accounts for about 626 kcal, of which 46 is proteins, and 75.5 grams of carbohydrates. To prepare a cocktail, three scoops are poured into 500 ml of juice, milk or water. It is best to stir a nutritious sports drink in a shaker. You need to drink in portions from two to three times a day. A cocktail must be consumed in the morning and immediately before the training, an additional intake can be at any time.

Why BSN is considered the best "> True Mass reviews

Bodybuilders willingly share their impressions of the supplement. On various forums, sites, comments in stores, you can read a huge number of positive reviews about the product. A mixture of proteins and complex carbohydrates is so in demand that it is discussed even in the walls of gyms. The manufacturer always listens to such reviews, which resulted in the release of a gainer, which found a lot of positive feedback from athletes.