Platinum Hydrowhey by Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition's Platinum Hydrowhey is the next generation protein. In some sources, it is mistakenly called a complex protein or "serum." The second is partly true. The product is obtained from whey by hydrolysis. He has repeatedly become the leader in surveys among premium sports nutrition products, and in 2010 he became the best protein of the year.

The hydrolyzate is the easiest digestible for the body. It allows you to get all the necessary amino acids, even those whose digestion is impaired, or overloaded with a large amount of protein products. This is a protein that was created for professional athletes. But simple fitness lovers are also able to get a lot from it.

Optimum Nutrition's Platinum Hydrowhey Protein helps:

  • Gather the right amount of protein on a mass or on a dryer, and absorb all the amino acids as much as possible, and not just drink the protein so that half of the amino acids are not absorbed;
  • To defeat the digestive tract from excessive use of protein mixtures;
  • Improve strength and stamina;
  • Restore after training faster;
  • Improve the quality of muscles and its rigidity;
  • Retain less "water" on the mass;
  • Burn fat and diversify your diet by drying

The hydrolyzate is good precisely at a high rate of assimilation and that does not give a load on the digestive system. It is therefore ideal for those who find it difficult to take macronutrients with regular food, and who have reduced secretory activity and digestive problems.

Important: protein hydrolysates were developed not only as an innovative sports nutrition product, but also as a special protein supplement for people who find it difficult to absorb protein with food.


One serving of protein (39g) contains:

  • 1 g of fat;
  • 3g carbohydrates;
  • 30 g of protein;
  • 140 calories.

One serving of protein contains just 140 kcal. The low amount of fats and carbohydrates allows you to use protein on a diet too.

How to use

When planning the intake of this protein, it must be borne in mind that it is absorbed very quickly. If we drink regular protein 5 minutes after the end of the workout, then we can take this in 20, but not in half an hour. Professionals drink 3 servings per day. Start the morning with protein, and surround your workout by drinking a serving in 20 minutes, and another after class.

Is it possible to combine the product with other types of protein ">

A measured spoon of protein is dissolved in 200 ml of water or milk. Do I need to use juices? This option, along with creatine, is suitable for hardgainers who cannot increase their muscle mass in classical ways.

It is not recommended to cook pastries, cookies, pancakes with the hydrolyzate. In order to improve the quality of food on drying, it is better to use specialized pancake mixes and ready-made compositions for muffins. They are intended for baking. And the hydrolyzate can denature, and lose all its useful qualities.

Important: the amount of protein in the diet is calculated individually, depending on the weight of the athlete. They also recommend taking tests and finding out what amino acids are missing. If there is a deficiency, the hydrolyzate will help fill it up.


This product is one of the best-selling in Russia and the world. He is advertised by pro-athletes, and he has a good taste. “Chocolate” and “vanilla” are popular, which are not too sweet, but pleasant. Moreover, it is quite expensive. This is precisely the reason for the negative reviews on Russian-language forums. Fans complain that they have to give too much money for a can of protein. In fact, a hydrolyzate cannot be cheap, as it is the most expensive protein in production. For people who have disruptions in the digestive tract and do not absorb the usual protein, even such a price can result in savings, because the protein can be taken without enzymes.

There are no negative reviews about the tastes, quality, and digestibility. Cases when the athlete did not digest this protein were not found on the forums. Sometimes lovers of more "dense" and candy-like and cookie-like tastes complain. But the hydrolyzate in its chemical structure is closer to amino acids, and not to protein. So thick and “milky” shakes are not about him. But the result of his reception is excellent.