Greg Valentino


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  • 2 Biography
    • 2.1 Life passion
    • 2.2 Instructive story


  • Height 168 cm
  • Off-season weight 120 kg
  • Chest 147 cm
  • Waist 76 cm
  • Biceps 69 cm

Like any sport, bodybuilding has its own shocking stars. Greg Valentino is one of the rarest bodybuilders who has incredibly large arms (girth is 69 cm ). Greg Valentino was married, he has children. Regarding his sports career, Greg did not at all try to turn himself into a professional bodybuilder and bodybuilder. Moreover, he never sought to participate in the competition "Mr. Olympia" and other significant competitions.


Outrageous personalities are found mainly in show business. It is hard to imagine that bodybuilding is no exception, and Greg Valentino is a prime example. He has not just hands, but hands, which are recognized as the most voluminous in the history of bodybuilding, as evidenced by the mark in the Guinness Book of Records. The girth of his bicep is 71 cm. Most likely, this does not look like arms, but legs, if you compare their volumes.

This extraordinary man was born in the Bronx, New York, on August 5, 1960. He studied at school reluctantly, his physical development in his youth also lagged behind. To say that he was a talented young man simply does not turn his tongue. Greg differs from everyone else in that he has eyes of different colors. This anomaly is quite rare. In 1972, the young man decided to do bodybuilding. Most likely, he had some problems at school and, he decided to show everyone what he is capable of. He did not even suspect that such a sport would become the basis of his future life. Greg, like a real guy, served in the US Army. He had to go to war, where he saw soldiers die. He also had to kill himself, which greatly influenced his psychological state. Returning from the epicenter of hostilities, he manages to meet Julissa Rivera, a beautiful girl. After some time, they became a legitimate husband and wife.

After some time, they had a son, Paul, and a daughter, Gene. During this period, he was engaged in the fact that he bought sports halls and was engaged in their promotion. Before that, he worked as a driver on a school bus and drove disabled children. Remembering the times when he took part in hostilities, Greg began to use drugs. The past never let him go. Naturally, he quickly found many "friends" and, after a while, he began to distribute this potion. From this period he began a stormy life. He often takes part in gang warfare and miraculously remains alive. After one of the police raids, Greg was sent to prison for a year. During this period, he remains without a wife and children, a favorite pastime, and most importantly, he lost his freedom. After he went to jail for a year, Greg again began to engage in bodybuilding. Naturally, he needed to somehow get distracted, otherwise he could again take up the old, bad things.

Life hobby

If you look at the photos of the young and today's Greg Valentino, these are completely different people and only eyes of different colors remind us that this is the same famous athlete.

His life can be divided into several stages:

  • Greg is that athlete who never dreamed of high sports achievements. For him, bodybuilding is a way to get rid of teenage ambitions and a means of distracting from reality. He was so fascinated by this sport that he disappeared for days in the gym, shaking his muscles. At 16, he already had powerful arms, with 49 cm biceps, and his weight was only 65 kilograms.
  • Over 10 years of constant, everyday training, he managed to increase the volume of biceps to 53 cm. He managed to achieve this result without using various chemical components. It was just the right nutrition and the nature of the exercises. Of course, not without terrific genetics.
  • The athlete went further, since such results did not inspire him anymore. From this moment, Valentino began to use "chemistry" to increase the volume of muscle tissue. At the initial stage, he was injected with B12 vitamins, and then he switched to steroids. Muscles increased in volume, but this man could not stop.

There is a saying that "there are no former drug addicts, " but Greg chose a different path of dependence - on steroids. He stabbed them in the shoulders, and such volumes that the shoulders simply bursting. Now he began to turn into a monster who had hands with an almost meter-long girth. In fact, Valentino was a handsome and attractive man, but he could not realize himself like that. He used literally the entire set of chemical components and it is easier to list what he did not use.

Instructive story

His addiction to "chemistry" can be called drug addiction. He often mentioned that he had to use second-hand needles. He injected himself so often that there were simply not enough clean needles.

A similar, neglected attitude led to the appearance of a terrible abscess on one of the biceps. After some time, he regretted what had happened, because he rejected the advice of doctors who insisted that Greg stop injecting synthol.

When it was terribly painful and the fever started, he mixed Tylenol with Advil, to which he added dura-cef antibiotics and used this mixture, which can rightly be called “combustible”.

But that is not all! He did not seek the help of doctors so that they professionally cope with this problem, but decided to conduct an “operation” on his own. At the same time, he videotaped every moment, then to post it all on Instagram.

This initiative led to the fact that the synthol muscles literally “exploded” and a blood flow with pus flowed from the wound, filling both the athlete and the floor. After that, he had to lie in a hospital bed for a long time. Specialists urgently began to remove the affected areas of muscle tissue. As a result of these torments, his hands were covered with a network of scars, so he had to forget about the old volumes of muscles.

After this incident, the victim of synthol and steroids participates in radio programs and blogs on the Internet, and also appears in talk shows and videos.

For a long period, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman remained real idols for him. But the period of “synthol fever” came and Greg Valentino changed his mind, believing that he himself is now an idol for these athletes. He quite seriously believed that they envy him and that he left these rivals far behind.

Nowadays, he is working on an instructive autobiography. In this work, Greg seriously and frankly tells what the pursuit of a body representing an iron monster cost him.

One can only hope that this book will be instructive for those who have decided to seriously put everything on synthol and other "chemistry" so as not to be in the role of a victim, like Greg Valentino.