Arm curl in the simulator

The exercise is insulating, aimed at working out the relief of the biceps heads, filling it with blood for the purpose of "pumping", and is intended for athletes seeking to achieve maximum study and excretion of all muscle fibers. It is not suitable for mass gain, in this case it is better to refer to the bar.

Working muscles

Shoulder biceps, brachial muscles, indirectly on the muscles of the forearm.

The biceps simulator looks similar to Scott's bench, with a handle movably attached to its base, which has the ability to move along a strictly specified amplitude around the axis of rotation. There are a lot of varieties of this simulator, each hall has its own, but the meaning of their work is the same.

Execution technique

  • Sit on the seat, or if the simulator does not provide for it, stand beside it with your hands on the stop so that it touches your armpits. Of course, the height of the stop should be adjusted in advance based on your height.
  • Grasp the handles of the simulator, bending your elbows a little, and begin to bend your arms with the biceps force, overcoming the weight of the load.
  • Slowly bending your arms slightly stronger than at right angles, without delay, lower them down. At the bottom, fully extend your elbows, so you will additionally stimulate the bottom of the biceps.
  • Focus more on the negative phase - the speed of lowering the hands should be about two times lower than the speed of their rise. Perform the exercise 10-12 times.
  • All the time during the exercise, make sure that your hands are firmly pressed to the stop, the elbows are exactly on it, and not hanging down - this will remove part of the unwanted load from the elbow joints.
  • The body should always be in a comfortable and stable position, and be clearly fixed at the simulator.

The most convenient simulator is that it allows you to bend your arms in a standing position, but if you are training in a sitting position, sit as close to the edge of the bench as possible. otherwise, the load on the lower back will increase, and the exercise will become uncomfortable.


At the end of the workout, like all exercises in the simulators. Can be combined with hard work for biceps, can be performed separately from all other exercises, the intensity of work in this case must be increased due to a greater number of repetitions and approaches, reducing the pause between them.