How to choose an elliptical trainer for home

A fit and slender body is not just a desire to look attractive, but a desire to maintain and maintain one's own health. Various physical activities make it possible to achieve the goal, but the most popular are the exercises on the simulators.

This sports equipment is represented by various types. Along with the classical ones, completely new varieties appear, among which the elliptical ones have earned well-deserved popularity.

Effective and easy to learn, it will be a good choice for those who want to exercise on the simulators at home, and not in the fitness center. To determine a specific model, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the device and the criteria that are of paramount importance.


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  • 4 What nuances should be considered when choosing?
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Elliptical trainer

The basic configuration is a device with movable and fixed handles, a pair of foot pedals. Some models have a seat. Combines several modes - running and walking at different speeds, training hands through special handles.

Ellipse is able to replace a treadmill, rowing and skiing equipment, a bicycle. It differs from other devices in that the legs move along an ellipsoidal path.

What muscle groups are being worked out "> Pros and Cons

The elliptical trainer, like any other sports equipment, has both positive and negative sides. Separate models have their own advantages, but if summarized, the pluses come down to the following points:

  1. Multifunctionality . During training, a large number of muscle groups are worked out.
  2. No restrictions on the level of training . Both beginners and those who are in good physical shape can start training on the ellipse.
  3. Universality . You can engage in a simulator at any age without any restrictions.
  4. Security. The minimum load on the joints reduces the risk of various injuries.
  5. The minimum expenditure of time. A half-hour training allows you to perfectly tighten the body and strengthen the heart muscle and vascular system.
  6. Several modes. Thanks to the ability to run, walk, simulate rowing and skiing in the gym, the ellipse will be an excellent addition to the lesson, and at home it will work out almost all the muscles.

The minus of the ellipse, regardless of the model of the simulator, is considered the overall high load on the body and muscles. And in order not to harm yourself, given your state of health, you should go through a consultation with your doctor. This applies to absolutely any type of physical activity, and not just an elliptical trainer.

Elliptical Slimming Machine Efficiency

Cardio workouts contribute to the rapid burning of body fat, and, consequently, the loss of extra pounds. They can be performed both without the use of any devices, or through such sports equipment as an ellipsoid. This simulator, judging by the reviews, designed specifically for cardio, helps to lose weight. However, regardless of the training program or equipment involved, weight loss becomes possible if the following rules are followed:

  • The amount of calories consumed should be less than burned. Without normalizing nutrition, when food is consumed uncontrollably, the weight remains unchanged or decreases minimally, even if you exercise on an ellipsoid every day.
  • Get the joy of training. Jogging in the fresh air is certainly good, but not always fun due to weather conditions or unwillingness to look soaked and sweat in front of others. The ellipsoid allows you to run in a comfortable environment, close to the shower, without causing any inconvenience.
  • Train at least 4 times a week. A person who wants to find a beautiful and fit figure needs to find time for classes in his schedule. If training is not carried out regularly, even the best simulator will not help to find harmony.
  • Give all your best in the classroom. The caloric value shown by the counter on the display can differ from the real indicators by 50%. Electronics can not accurately reflect how much fat is reduced, since this indicator does not depend on the time of training, but on how much effort a person puts. An active session for 30-40 minutes is much more effective than an hour of training at a sluggish pace.
  • Sweat well. If sweat does not protrude and a person does not feel tired, then there is no result.

Clearly following the five rules presented, it will not be difficult to find a slim and fit figure.

Types of elliptical trainers

Before people who do not want to visit the fitness center, there are huge opportunities in choosing equipment for homework. However, given how many types of simulators are on sale, it is rather difficult to give preference to any. In order not to make mistakes, it is better to first visit the gym and try to work out on a particular device. And if, while training on an ellipsoid, there is no doubt that it is perfect, you can start choosing a specific model.

There are several types of elliptical trainer, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account before making a purchase:

  • Mechanical. Not requiring electricity for operation, it has the lowest cost, but is not very popular and is extremely rare. The device is driven by human power, which makes the movements on it too sharp, and the work is noisy.
  • Magnetic-mechanical. It has eight different operating levels with the ability to manually change the load. The device has a step length of 40 centimeters. This type of ellipsoid is small in size and low in cost, ideal for beginners with a minimum level of physical fitness.
  • Magnetic. Switching mode is carried out by electronic rather than mechanical control. This model is recommended for people who have average physical fitness.
  • Electromagnetic. The most silent ellipsoid in operation, characterized by smooth movements. The step length on it is from 40 centimeters or more. On the electronic scoreboard you can see the distance, pulse, duration of the lesson, the number of calories burned. The load changes every 5 watts. The disadvantage is the rather high cost.
  • Aeromagnetic. It is similar to an electromagnetic ellipsoid, but can work not only from the mains, but also stationary, that is, from the generator.

Choosing a specific model, you should think in advance about the installation location, the absence / availability of the ability to connect the simulator to the network. Electricity is not required for mechanical simulators. Without power, electromagnetic, magnetic, and magnetic-mechanical models cannot work. Both modes are implemented in an aeromagnetic ellipsoid, which, when recharged from the network, can operate on a battery.

What nuances should be considered when choosing ">

Having decided on the specific type of ellipsoid, it is necessary to take into account some design features, the knowledge of which allows you to choose a truly high-quality and comfortable model.

The maximum load supported by most ellipsoids is 120 kg. The optimal figure is 10-15 kg more than the person’s own weight, going to train on the simulator.

Frame and body. A good device always has a solid frame, and each part fits snugly against the other. There should not be any defects and backlash. With increasing length of the frame, the degree of comfort and the length of the step taken increase. Stationary ones are stronger than folding ones, but the advantage of the latter is that they are convenient in storage and do not take up much space during training.

Flywheel. It is a wheel, thanks to which the pedal is set in motion. The more its weight, the better. Heavy flywheels provide smooth movements and a good load. People weighing 95 or 100 kg should give preference to flywheels of 15 kg, and more fragile - 8 kg.

Rear wheel drive or front wheel drive. The first is distinguished by the fact that the flywheel is located in the back of the ellipsoid, that is, directly between the legs of the trainee. This makes them as comfortable as possible for running with the body tilted forward and training in skiing techniques. Rear-wheel drive ellipsoids can be used by people of absolutely different height, which makes it an ideal choice for the whole family. They are steady and small-sized. Front-wheel drive models are more expensive than rear-wheel drive, but, according to some, it is much more effective in combating excess weight, since the distance between the pedals is minimal.

Stride length. Directly depends on the physical form and individual characteristics. Beginners and small people should buy a model where the stride length is 30 cm. In the middle price category, ellipses with 40 cm stride length are most common. The best for cardio workouts are simulators, where this parameter starts with 50 cm, but they are extremely well-trained users.

The angle of the pedals. Changing this parameter is implemented exclusively in expensive models. It is necessary for advanced users. Changing the angle of inclination is recommended only when all load conditions are fully mastered in the standard position. Due to the change in the parameter, the group of muscles under development also changes.

In expensive models of elliptical trainers, the electronic display displays much more information than those presented in the average price range, as well as the ability to change the load, pulse-dependent programs are built-in. The latter work due to pulse sensors connected to a person and included in the simulator kit.

How much is an elliptical trainer ">

The price is due to functionality, maximum load, body type and the number of load change modes. This is reflected in a wide range of costs within even one type of simulator.

A mechanical ellipsoid can be purchased in the range from 157 to 2 585, magnetic - 165-3 577 dollars, but, for example, the E3 model, which can withstand a maximum weight of 182 kg, is equipped with 101 load levels, in which the Cybex 772 at / e3 monitor is installed about 23, 400 dollars. An electromagnetic simulator can be bought in the price range from 273 to 9, 000 dollars.

Rating of the best elliptical trainers

To determine the choice of the optimal model allows various ratings, which represent the devices considered the best among analogues in terms of price and quality:

Ergometer " Horizon Andes 3" . The advantage of the model is the highest accuracy of heart rate measurement, as well as the load based on the indicators of sensors connected during training.

Front-wheel drive " Kettler Skylon 5". This ergometer has heavy flywheels with a weight of 22 kg and a step length of 50 cm. 10 programs are built into the model's computer, as well as memory and the option of synchronizing with a computer is implemented. The weight of the ellipse reaches 76.5 kg, and the cost is quite high.

Rear-wheel drive magnetic HouseFit Compact E 1.0 . It does not have a computer; it can work both from the network and from the battery. Equipped with a pacemaker. Model weighs 27 kg, has 8 different modes.

Electromagnetic " Proxima Panda ". This rear-wheel-drive simulator implements 16 programs, as well as the option of reflecting heart rate wirelessly using the appropriate sensor without wires, but the computer does not work in Russian.

Magnetic rear-wheel drive " Torneo Stella " . Along with 14 programs and a step length of 40 cm, the simulator has the ability to conduct a fitness test and a fat analyzer. The minus of the model is the creaking of parts, which is eliminated by means of graphite or silicone grease.

In order to better understand how to choose the right ellipsoid, you can watch a video in which it is described in detail what parameters to pay attention to first and also the position in which you need to train in the main mode is demonstrated.

You should not buy an elliptical trainer without exercising on it in the gym. You need to follow not only the recommendations, but also trust your own preferences. It is required to think over an installation site in advance. The smaller the space, the less overall should be the body of the ellipse.