How to shake hands with dumbbells

Many beginners are confident that home workouts do not allow you to pump up your arms, that is, consider visiting the gym a must. This misconception is due to a lack of awareness about working with sports equipment such as dumbbells. A well-designed program and without visiting the simulator allows you to pump your biceps well. The main thing is to approach the issue with knowledge of the matter.

Dumbbells are a basic multi-functional shell, which is immediately ready for use, does not take up much space and does not require any additional settings. This sports equipment allows you to pump almost all muscle groups, including arms, and you can deal with it not only in the gym, but also at home.

Biceps is the biceps muscle responsible for turning the wrist and flexing the arms. Triceps is the triceps muscle, which is responsible for the extension of the upper limbs. Visually, the arm volume is 70% dependent on triceps and 30% on biceps. To pump these muscle groups, it is enough to understand the basic principles of their training and what exercises help to achieve the goal. This will help to draw up a training program correctly.


  • 1 Basic rules for a good workout with dumbbells
  • 2 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Biceps
    • 2.1 Standing Biceps
    • 2.2 Concentrated dumbbell lifts
    • 2.3 Lifting biceps on an incline bench
    • 2.4 Hammer
  • 3 Best Triceps Dumbbell Exercises
    • 3.1 Bench Press
    • 3.2 French bench press
    • 3.3 French bench press
  • 4 Example of an effective training program with dumbbells

The basic rules of a good workout with dumbbells

Muscles begin to grow exclusively under stress. Shocking the muscles is necessary, but only so that the classes are held as safely as possible. Failure to observe safety precautions could result in personal injury. To avoid such adverse effects, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Always start your workout with a warm up. Stretching increases muscle elasticity and reduces the likelihood of injury. In addition, the first approach after warming up is recommended not with full working weights, but with half
  2. Engage with the right frequency. To avoid overtraining, it should be borne in mind that biceps and triceps are also involved in other activities on the shoulder girdle, chest and back. The optimal frequency for muscle training is once every 4-7 days. If you exercise more often, the muscles will get overworked. The number of approaches should vary from 3 to 4 times with 8-12 repetitions in each.
  3. Do basic exercises. It is necessary to start pumping the muscles of the hands with dumbbells with the development and implementation of basic movements. This is especially true for the first months of training.
  4. Performing the training is technically correct. If you do not observe the correct movements, it is impossible to achieve contraction and stretching of the muscles. Without this aspect, muscle does not develop and is not pumped.
  5. Dedicate to class on your hands a separate day. This will allow biceps and triceps to grow much faster and more intensively. Splits on muscles opposite to each other (biceps-triceps) allow you to get the effect of stretching and contraction. This training method is most effective.

Having familiarized yourself with the main rules, you can proceed directly to the exercises.

Best biceps dumbbell exercises

To achieve rapid progress and a good result, you need to focus exclusively on the best movements with dumbbells.

Biceps Standing

Performed as follows:

  • The legs are shoulder-width apart, and the elbows are held by the body, and not taken away to the sides.
  • On inhalation, the arms are bent at the elbow joints, and on the exhale, they are unbent.
  • Be sure to stay for a second when the muscles are contracted as much as possible, but do not press the dumbbells to the shoulders.

Do not allow sudden movements or bend your hands.

Lifting with dumbbells for biceps should be done first in the training. You can perform the exercise both alternately and simultaneously. The load must be determined independently. The main thing is to prevent excessive swaying and jerking of the body.

Concentrated Dumbbell Lifts


  • They sit on a bench or other similar device.
  • They rest on the inner side of the thigh with an elbow.
  • Bend and bring the hand to the chest.
  • No body movements. Work only by hand.
  • The hand is lifted with an exhale, and lowered with a breath.
  • Do not allow sudden movements. All concentration is exclusively on the exercise.

Such lifts explode muscles well.

Climbing Biceps


  • The bench is set at an acute angle. If there is no such device, a similar position, placing something under the lower back, is occupied in a regular chair.
  • They bend the arm so that the movement occurs exclusively in the elbow joint.
  • Without any delay at the extreme point, the hand is immediately lowered.
  • With inhalation they do flexion, and with exhalation they do extension.

This exercise allows you to stretch your muscles well, which contributes to better pumping of the biceps, so after it there is a sharp influx of blood. The lifts are done on each arm in turn.



  • Dumbbells take a neutral grip.
  • The projectile, not allowing jerking and swinging, raise.
  • Hands should be held along the body.
  • At the highest point, they are delayed for a second.
  • It is important to monitor the evenness of breathing and keep the right pace.

This exercise is done by brachialis. This muscle is located under both heads of the biceps, gives them a larger volume.

Best Triceps Dumbbell Exercises

The movements below are great for pumping your arm muscles outside the gym.

Bench press

It is performed as follows:

  • They take dumbbells in their hands and lay either on the floor or on the bench, that is, a stable horizontal surface.
  • Squeeze and deploy shells in parallel.
  • Hands are lowered along the body to the lower chest or upper abdomen with a breath. Elbows cannot be taken aside.
  • Be sure to ensure that the hands are perpendicular to the floor plane, and the elbows are moved exclusively next to the body.
  • No delays. Dumbbells immediately squeeze and exhale air from the lungs.

This exercise is a classic for working out triceps. It requires careful execution and full control over every movement made. Thanks to such presses, triceps becomes more prominent, and, most importantly, increases in volume.

French bench press

It is done according to the following technique:

  • They take a comfortable lying position when the main emphasis is on the legs. It is most convenient to make a bench press or other surface that allows you to take the right emphasis.
  • Squeeze shells in the face. Dumbbells slowly lower on the sides of the head to the level of the forehead and inhale the air.
  • Hands to the elbows should be perpendicular to the floor surface.
  • Extend the arm with exhalation.
  • All work should only be done thanks to elbow movements and triceps force.

Exercise can be performed simultaneously on both hands or separately for each. Everyone chooses the best option for himself. This bench press gives hands aesthetic appeal.

French bench press

To do this exercise, you must adhere to the following technique:

  • Dumbbells are held perpendicular to the floor above the head.
  • The projectile is lowered behind the head and brought to the level of the cervical vertebrae, thereby stretching the triceps.
  • Do not move your elbow joints. They must remain motionless.

Similar to the previous exercise, this bench press is done either simultaneously or separately. The latter option is considered more preferable.

An example of an effective training program with dumbbells

The starting point when drawing up your own training program is that it is better to pump biceps and triceps on different days. The best option for each exercise is as follows:

Standing dumbbell lift3-48-121, 5-2
Dumbbell Bench Press3-48-121, 5-2
Concentrated Lifts310-141, 5
French bench press3-410-121, 5
Incline benches38-121, 5
Extension of the arm38-101, 5
"Hammer"3-410-121, 5
French bench press3-410-121, 5

It is not necessary to follow the given order. The main thing to remember is that basic exercises should always be performed first. Of course, we must not forget that you can go directly to the training only after a good workout.