Bodybuilding and gainer


  • 1 What is a gainer
  • 2 Who is the best weight gainer
  • 3 How to properly take a gainer
  • 4 Preparation and doses
  • 5 Combination with other types of sports nutrition
  • 6 Side Effects of Gainer
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What is a gainer?

Gainer (Gainer) is a special type of sports nutrition, consisting of a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. Often, creatine, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other components are added to this mixture. In addition, a small amount of fat may be present in the gainer.

The main functional purpose of a gainer is to increase muscle mass.

Currently, on the Russian market, one can find a number of high-quality types of a weight-balanced weight gainer that contains completely purified protein and has high biological value.

Who is the best weight gainer?

First of all, a weight gainer is suitable for people with a thin physique (ectomorphs) who are trying to increase muscle mass in a relatively short time. By adding three servings of gainer to your normal daily diet and with systematic bodybuilding, you can achieve a stable increase in body weight.

People with a high metabolic reaction rate taking one gainer is not enough - they need to include additional additives in their daily diet and increase its calorie content. People with a tendency to be overweight (endomorphs) are not recommended to use a gainer.

In addition, the weight gainer is ideal for boxers, athletes, basketball players, soccer players and other athletes exposed to prolonged motor loads. In this case, the gainer allows you to maintain a high level of energy of the athlete and helps to restore his muscles.

It follows that modern gainers can be used not only for weight gain, but also as good “restorators” and “energetics”.

How to take a gainer

When practicing bodybuilding, the most suitable time for taking a gainer is the period immediately after the training. A few minutes after removing the load, the athlete forms the so-called protein-carbohydrate “window”, which can be effectively “closed” with the help of a gainer. This technique contributes to the rapid restoration of strength, complete regeneration of muscle tissue, and also allows you to replenish energy reserves and suppress catabolic processes.

You can take a gainer before training. The advantage of this technique is that the athlete’s body is saturated with carbohydrates, which allows for more intensive training. At the same time, an increased concentration of amino acids inhibits catabolism from the first minutes of training. However, this intake time has one serious drawback - during training, loss of fat reserves does not occur and even their growth is possible.

Preparation and Dosage

A portion of the gainer contains approximately 25-40 g of protein, 55-80 g of carbohydrates and a small amount of unsaturated fats. The content of other components varies within certain limits and depends on the brand of the product. Exceeding this dose is not recommended, because a larger amount of the drug simply will not be absorbed. The recipe for a gainer is very simple: a portion of the dry mixture is poured into water or milk and mixed thoroughly.

Combination with other types of sports nutrition

The gainer goes well with creatine, which is absorbed faster due to the proteins and carbohydrates contained in the gainer. It is allowed to mix them in the form of a cocktail and take immediately after training.

In order to make classes more effective, you can simultaneously take a pre-workout complex, protein and vitamin-mineral complex. Reception of a gainer is contraindicated during periods of weight loss, "drying" and work on the relief.

Gainer side effects

Since the gainer consists of typical food components (i.e. is no different from conventional products), its intake has no contraindications. In rare cases, individual intolerance and gastric upset associated with enzymatic insufficiency due to pancreatic disease are possible. If moisture enters the mixture saturated with carbohydrates, penetration into it and the growth of bacteria are possible. Taking this drug leads to normal food poisoning. In this case, you should stop taking the gainer for several days, and then continue it in reduced doses.

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