Push-ups - how and why

A real man is not afraid of difficulties, so we offer you sophisticated options for push-ups. At first they may seem too simple to you - you underestimate them! After performing these exercises, strength, pumped chest and coordination will become your faithful companions.

The maximum possible number of repetitions + 2 sets + two months of training = doubled your own push-ups record!

To achieve the greatest effect, it is worth choosing any two of the options described here, replacing them with regular workouts and doing 2 times a week.

The key word is stability!


  • 1 Exercise “Push-ups on medbol”
  • 2 Exercise "Push-ups with a stop"
  • 3 Exercise “Push-ups on fitball”
  • 4 Exercise “Push-ups on dumbbells”
  • 5 Exercise "Cross push-ups"
  • 6 Exercise “Push-ups on dumbbells with traction”
  • 7 Interesting Facts About Pushups

Exercise "Push-ups on medbol"

Spread in a semicircle near you from three to five medballs. The more medballs, the more difficult the exercise. Your task: gradually go through the entire semicircle from left to right. On one ball, both hands are push-ups. Then the right hand goes to the next ball. The left hand remains in place - push-up again.

The left hand joins the right hand - push-up again. And so on until all the balls are involved in turn. Then you go back in the same way - this is one repeat! It’s difficult "> Some implementation secrets: the palms are located directly under the shoulders. The muscles of the abdomen and hips are weaker, therefore, with such weak muscles, ordinary push-up exercises may well cause a lower back injury. Do you need this? Of course not! Therefore, exercises" Push-ups on medbol ”strengthens muscles - stabilizers by 20%.

The key word is chest focus!

Exercise "Push-ups with a stop"

The usual starting position for push-ups. Half down - a pause. Go down even further - pause again. Return to the "half" position. Another pause. Return to starting position. Hold the final pause. You did one repeat! Pauses in this exercise play a very significant role!

Some secrets of fulfillment: first comes the chest, and then the pelvis. The neck should be in line with the back. Even with the most excellent training, there are still places that are not involved. In ordinary push-up exercises, this is the upper third, middle or lower third of the amplitude. The pauses that you do in the exercises increase the load force not only by a third of the amplitude, but also by 10 degrees to the right and left. Due to this, muscle growth is stimulated. Therefore, without pauses, the exercise is not effective!

The key word is strong shoulders!

Exercise “Push-ups on fitball”

Fitball is required to complete this exercise. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Do not forget that you need to spread the shoulder blades to the sides.

Starting position: hands are on the ball, legs are together. Place your palms under your shoulders. Push yourself out by touching the ball slightly with your chest. Climb up and abruptly push away from the ball. Do not forget about the abduction of the shoulder blades!

Some secrets of fulfillment: you have one forgotten muscle located in the region of the upper ribs and shoulder blades. Her weakness leads to two problems. First - you do push-up exercises poorly. The second - the muscles of the rotator cuff of the shoulder work more than can be tolerated. So this weak muscle can become much stronger, thanks to push-ups on fitball. It is very important to move the shoulder blades apart.

Keyword - biceps in the load!

Exercise "Dumbbell Dips"

Put 2 dumbbells in front of you. Stand on them with your hands, spread your hands with your palms away from you. The middle of the chest is equal to the dumbbell line.

Go down, lightly touch the dumbbells with your chest and again rise up. Be sure to keep your elbows apart.

Some secrets of execution: elbows should be firmly pressed to the body. If you take into account the usual push-ups, they mainly involve the muscles of the delta, chest, and triceps. And when turning the palms forward, the biceps take a considerable part of the load on themselves, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

The key word is degreasing!

Cross Exercise Exercise

The right hand on the floor, the left hand is located on the disk from the bar. Get down. Suddenly, push it off the floor in an explosive motion. Try to direct the body up and to the left. You need to land now with your right hand on the disc. Repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Congratulations! Repeat done! Place your palms a little wider than your shoulders.

Some secrets of execution: the explosive push-up mode compared to the conventional push-up method requires much more energy. You are repelled from the floor with force - more muscle fibers involved. Therefore, there is a big loss of calories. And the result is steel muscles instead of body fat.

The key word is a balanced body!

Exercise "Push-ups on dumbbells with traction"

Dumbbells are required for this exercise. Starting position - hands on dumbbells that are parallel to each other.

Push up. Keep your abdominal and buttock muscles tense. From the starting position, pull the right dumbbell to the belt. At the same time, contract your back muscles. Repeat this with the other hand!

Some secrets of execution: as a rule, there are much more press movements than traction. This imbalance leads to injuries to the shoulder joints. Push-ups on dumbbells with traction eliminate this imbalance, and as a result, there is no injury.

Interesting Facts About Pushups

Doug Pruden (Canada) - pressed in 1382 times in 30 minutes . Most importantly, he did push-ups on one arm! By the way, before that, in 18 minutes and 13 seconds, he performed 1000 push-ups on his fists!

Bijender Singh (India) - 387 720 times squeezed in one hour . For 23 years no one can break this record!

Minoru Yoshida (Japan) - 10, 507 push-ups non-stop ! Not everyone is able to repeat such a record!

Paddy Doyle (America) - 1, 500, 230 push-ups per year! This is an average of 4, 110 per day, 171 push-ups per hour, 3 push-ups per minute !!

In general, the maximum number of push-ups in one minute is 199 repetitions . This is an average of 3.31 push-ups per second. To set such a record is very difficult!

Johann Schneider (Australia) - 112 push-ups! Little ">