Two-day weight split

Weight gain training for athletes who have a slightly higher level of training than beginner bodybuilders can be done in a two-day split. First, each newcomer is required to engage in a program that involves the use of all muscle groups in a single workout, and only then move on to separate classes.

A two-day split into mass, involving a breakdown of the development of the whole body into two workouts, carried out on different days. The number of classes is not limited to only two trainings per week. You can train up to six times. The main thing is that two consecutive days of performing power loads allow you to use absolutely all muscle groups.

The construction of training programs can be completely different. Some are based on the fact that the first day is devoted only to pulls, and the second to bench presses, or one training focuses only on the upper and the other on the lower body. The presented two-day split is made in a completely different way.


  • 1 Three principles for building a two-day split
  • 2 Two-day weight split - Training Program
    • 2.1 first day
    • 2.2 Second day

Three principles of building a two-day split

The program is based on the following three areas:

  • muscle mass should be divided exactly into two parts, which allows you to use 50% of the body on each training day;
  • extensors of the back and spine should receive extremely uniform loads;
  • the shoulder joint moves in large amplitude and is most susceptible to injuries of various kinds, which also imposes a requirement on the distribution of the exerted load, which should be the same on each day.

The maximum load on the spinal column is exerted by deadlift and squats. This is the reason why the dorsal region and lower extremities should be worked out on different days. Experienced bodybuilders are aware of this feature and never train both of these muscle groups on the same day.

Deltas and chest, following the third principle, also work separately. There are no restrictions for the abdominal cavity. It is permissible to swing the press at any time. Recovery is achieved through a daily break between workouts.

Two-day weight split - Training Program

First day

  1. Back. The training begins with a warm-up, and all the exercises presented below are tried to be done in half an hour, taking into account the thirty-second break between sets:
  • pull-ups;
  • tuga of the upper block;
  • draft in a tilt of a bar;
  • traction to the belt of the lower block.

All exercises are done in 3 sets, but the bar pull is supplemented by a warm-up approach, in each doing 8-12 repetitions, and in squats until failure occurs.

  1. Shoulder girdle. Assumes fifteen-minute interleaved execution:
  • army bench press;
  • thrust to the chin with a wide grip.

The load in both cases is 3x8-12.

  1. Triceps. Similarly, working out the shoulders takes a quarter of an hour and consists of two exercises:
  • narrow grip press;
  • French bench press.

Do 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Second day

  1. Legs. Before doing it, they must do a stretching, and they try to do the exercises in 25 minutes, rest after each approach is from 40 seconds to 1 minute:
  • squats with a barbell (3x8-12 "plus" 2 warm-ups);
  • bench press in the simulator (legs) (3x8-12);
  • lunges (2 repetitions of 8-10 times).
  1. Pectoral muscles. It also works out 25 minutes, but the rest is no more than 30 seconds between repetitions, involves the following:
  • bench press on an inclined bench while lying down;
  • dumbbell bench press on an incline bench;
  • wiring dumbbells.

With the exception of the bench press, performed in 4 sets, the rest do 3x8-12.

  1. Biceps. It is worked out in 10 minutes. Rest between sets is half a minute. Training consists in alternating:
  • straight barbell lifts;
  • a hammer.

Do these exercises for biceps for 4 sets with 8-12 repetitions in each.

This two-day split is fully consistent with all three principles of building a workout. It allows you to evenly distribute the load, work out all the muscles, and also effectively increases weight. The optimal lesson time is 60 minutes. If no potent pharmacological drugs and anabolic steroids are taken, it is not recommended to work longer.