How many eggs can I eat per day

Chicken eggs are foods that have many opinions on their use. And in order not to harm your health and figure, getting the maximum benefit for your body, you need to know which ones are truly true, how much yolk and protein it is permissible to eat per day.


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How many eggs are allowed to eat during the day?

Most people, even knowing the benefits of eggs, are firmly convinced that only three or four pieces can be eaten per day. Otherwise, they believe that there will be a sharp increase in cholesterol, which can lead to the development of cardiovascular pathologies.

This conclusion is based on the composition of a chicken egg, which contains 5 grams of fat and 200 milligrams of cholesterol. But this is just a myth. The amount of eggs consumed has no relation to the level of cholesterol in the blood.

What are the benefits and harms of cholesterol?

This lipid-related substance is incredibly important to the body. It supports protective - immune functions, is a direct participant in the production of some important hormones, including testosterone and cortisol. The amount of cholesterol produced by the liver is several times greater than that obtained from a dozen eggs.

An increase in total cholesterol in the blood carries a danger to humans, but it is almost completely unrelated to chicken eggs. In addition, studies have shown that this product does not increase bad cholesterol, but, on the contrary, with an organism that is adaptable to its intake with food, it begins to be produced in smaller quantities.

The relationship between cholesterol and egg consumption

It must be understood that cholesterol is "good" and "bad", affects the body, respectively. And if a person eats three eggs daily, this does not affect the level of bad and total cholesterol in the blood.

Thirty percent of participants in studies proving this relationship showed a change in cholesterol. However, firstly, it was quite insignificant, and secondly, “good”, not “bad” cholesterol increased.

What is more useful - chicken proteins or yolks "> Calorie content and composition of chicken eggs

About 50 calories are consumed per 50 grams of hard-boiled eggs. Its nutritional value is: carbohydrates - 0.5, proteins - 6.5, fats - 5 grams (including monounsaturated (1.9) and saturated (1.5) fatty acids). Eating it, you can cover 3% of the total daily requirement for calcium, 4% - in zinc and 5% - in iron.

The value of egg white lies in its almost complete digestibility. Its composition is rich in amino acids - glutamine and aspartic (1.6 and 1.3%), leucine (1%), lysine and serine (0.9% each), isoleucine (0.7%), as well as threonine (0, 6%).

How to eat eggs - raw or boiled?

The usefulness of eggs in their raw form is simply a delusion. Crude protein is poorly absorbed, stresses the stomach. Another danger is salmonellosis, the risk of getting sick which increases many times if you use the product without heat treatment.

Eggs are recommended to cook or fry. Malicious microbes that may be present on the shell can enter the stomach. To minimize this danger, it is recommended to wash the egg well with hot water and soap before use.

Daily rate

It must be understood that all of these conclusions are based on studies in which people eat no more than three pieces of chicken eggs daily. Therefore, it is this norm that is considered safe. It is impossible to say with certainty what will happen when using more.

Do not forget about the difference between home and factory eggs. Layers in industrial poultry farming practically do not move, which leads to a shift in the balance of fatty acids and other changes in the composition of the product. And if possible, it is better to use eggs from chickens, which are kept in a free range.


Adequate consumption of eggs allows you to get healthy fats and proteins. The main thing is not to exceed the norm (3 pieces), the safety of which has been proven in the course of numerous studies.