Testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters are specially formulated supplements for athletes. Their use helps to stimulate the active growth of muscle mass, increases libido. Moreover, they are intended to maintain the balance of hormones in the athlete's body. The substances that make up the supplement stimulate the secretion of one's own testosterone.


  • 1 Types of boosters and their compositions
  • 2 Benefits of boosters
  • 3 How to take
  • 4 side effects
  • 5 List of Popular Boosters

Types of boosters and their compositions

Such additives are produced in several ways:

  • In the form of dietary supplements.
  • Sportpit.
  • Pharmacological substances.

As a rule, the following components are part of boosters:

  • Natural constituents isolated from plants.
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Components of artificial origin, but very rarely.

In other words, these drugs are not considered harmful to human health, but rather are considered healthy and effective drugs. Unlike artificial steroids, they do not have a negative effect, which is very attractive for athletes. The composition, which includes natural plant components, helps to accelerate the production of your testosterone.

Despite the declared safety, the manufacturer recommends taking the drug from the age of 20-25 years and not earlier. This warning is due to the fact that by this period, the production of testosterone by the male body has not yet stabilized. Therefore, serious hormonal malfunction is possible.

In addition, testosterone boosters are not intended for use by female athletes, due to undesirable consequences, such as coarsening of the voice, muscle building, as well as the appearance of male facial features. This happens because the male hormone begins to predominate in the body of a woman.

Booster Benefits

Similar drugs, created on the basis of selected plant components, have only positive reviews. Due to this, boosters have earned wide popularity among most athletes. The advantages include:

  • A set of muscle tissue volumes.
  • Boosters help get rid of recoil syndrome in the PCT process.
  • Increase libido.
  • They contribute to the secretion of their testosterone.
  • Enhances potency.

How to take

Like many other drugs, testosterone boosters differ in their rules and admission standards. If you follow these rules, then high results will appear after the first months of training. For example:

  • Daily adherence to diet.
  • During the recovery course, take sportspit: ICA, protein, amino acids, creatine.
  • Systematic and persistent sports, which will stimulate the release of your own testosterone.

Side effects

Despite the fact that the basis of the drug is made up of natural components, its use can lead to side effects. As practice shows, the negative consequences of taking boosters depend on overdoses, which only beginner athletes suffer from.

With an overdose, it is possible:

  • Manifestation of the decline of libido.
  • Imbalance in hormonal levels, against the background of a decrease in the secretion of testosterone.
  • The manifestation of aggression.
  • Acne
  • An increase in nervousness.
  • Blood pressure instability.
  • Baldness.

As a rule, experienced athletes do not indulge in overdoses, observing the rules for taking the drug. As a result, only positive developments.

List of Popular Boosters

The list of the most popular and effective testosterone boosters includes:

  • Aromatase inhibitors are an effective way to reduce the level of female hormone in the body of a man, activating the secretion of male hormone, concentrating it in the body. Bodybuilders apply: to reduce hypertension, prevent gynecomastia, suppress the axis of GGH. As a rule, it is used at the first manifestations of the negative effect of taking steroids. Dosage - from 0.25 to 1 mg.
  • 6-OXO - has a positive effect, increasing the volume of muscle tissue, against the background of improved strength data. At the same time, the level of estrogen in the blood decreases by 11%, and the secretion of own testosterone increases by 88%. It is taken within 4-6 weeks at 200-300 mg per day. It is used to get rid of gynecomastia and feminization, control the level of male hormones on the PCT course, and increase libido.
  • D-aspartic acid - DAA, contributes to the normalization of the central nervous system. Endogenous acid directly affects the functioning of the endocrine system, which contributes to an increase in the secretion of testosterone. It is taken at 3 mg per day.
  • Tribulus - stimulates an increase in libido, promotes the production of testosterone, optimizes endurance and strength data, increases muscle mass, eliminates depression. The drug is taken for 4 weeks, 1-3 tablets per day.

Testosterone boosters are designed to power athletes, the basis of which are only natural components. Taking this drug can restore blood testosterone levels or even raise this level slightly higher. In addition, they can be used as steroids, if you want to increase very slightly muscle mass and strength characteristics.

Before using them, it is advisable to consult with more experienced athletes to determine the optimal dose.