Optimum Nutrition ZMA

The ZMA complex, developed by Optimum Nutrition, is a drug that stimulates testosterone synthesis, increases endurance, and increases the speed of muscle volume gain. The main components of a sports supplement are vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium. The complex is very popular among athletes because it gives a visible result almost immediately after the start of the course. Another advantage of the supplement is the absence of negative effects, detrimental effects on health. There are no chemical inclusions in the preparation. It consists of natural ingredients.

The high and quick effectiveness of the complex is due to a correctly selected concentration of elements. B6, magnesium or zinc separately do not have any significant effect, but together they give an excellent positive result, allowing the athlete to increase his level of performance during the training. Along with weight gain, the complex has a positive effect on recovery processes. In addition, many athletes have noted improved sleep quality.

Reception effects

Reception of ZMA gives the following positive effect on the athlete's body:

  • increases stamina;
  • activates processes for better and faster muscle gain;
  • stimulates the synthesis of a large amount of growth hormone, as well as testosterone;
  • increases strength indicators.

A complex effect on the body is felt after a few days from the start of the course.

How to take

One dosage recommended by the manufacturer includes three capsules. This amount of the drug accounts for: zinc - 30, vitamin B6 - 10.60, magnesium - 450 milligrams. The intake regimen for men and women is different. Trained athletes are regularly recommended to drink 3 pills per day, and for the fair sex, the dosage is recommended to be reduced to 2 capsules. It is best to take the drug either after an evening meal, or closer to the evening.

Increasing the optimal dosage is not recommended. An excess of zinc affects the digestibility of copper and calcium, and magnesium leads to weakness and excessive fatigue. You should not get involved in the drug and take the supplement on a regular basis. Long-term use leads to the accumulation in the body of a large concentration of zinc with magnesium. The optimal duration of the course is a month.

One pack containing 90 capsules is enough for a full cycle. You can purchase a jar that contains twice as many pills. Thirty-day breaks are sure to take place between monthly courses.

ZMA Reception Reviews

A large number of discussions and discussions of the supplement indicates the high popularity of this product among athletes. Athletes leave both positive and negative reviews about the drug. Many in their comments write that the complex really helps to sleep better. This, of course, affects the quality of recovery processes after training. In addition, the reviews also note the fact that the supplement increases testosterone synthesis, but there is no effect on weight gain or strength indicators, as athletes assure.

Supplement, if you analyze the reviews, get not only for sports purposes. Among buyers, there are quite a lot of employees of companies, offices and other people who have trouble sleeping, suffer from a loss of motivation, are subject to constant stress amid reduced testosterone levels. There are some athletes who fully confirm the effects declared by the manufacturer, but believe that the cost of the supplement is too high. There are even recommendations for the preparation of such drugs at home using pharmacy components, but they are quite complex and time consuming.