Whey Protein by RPS Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Whey Protein is a whey protein manufactured by Russian Performance Standart Nutrition. The product is intended for use in order to gain muscle mass and increase the athlete's performance in training. The main advantage of the complex is that it is produced by a Russian manufacturer and has an affordable cost. This is a pretty big advantage for whey protein. The manufacturer assures that the location does not affect product quality in any way, since most components are imported from abroad.

The complex is available on the basis of isolate and whey protein concentrate. It contains a minimal amount of carbohydrate and fat. This feature of the product allows you to take it not only to build muscle, but also during the drying period. The latter allows you to preserve the muscles during intense training, that is, to avoid the negative impact on good physical shape, characteristic of every losing weight.

Protein has the following positive effects on the body:

  • accelerates the growth of muscle tissue and increases strength indicators;
  • inhibits catabolic processes and improves the quality of recovery after training;
  • increases stamina and performance during intense workouts.

This gives the sports supplement all the necessary qualities that are needed for training athletes.


One serving of the supplement is 30 grams, whose energy value is 108 calories. Of these, the athlete receives:

  • protein - from 21 to 23 g;
  • carbohydrates and fats - 1.5 g each.

The difference in the amount of protein is due to taste. Along with BZHU complex contains dyes, flavors of natural and artificial origin, sweeteners.

How to take Whey Protein from RPS

Specialists of the manufacturer advise taking whey protein from one to three times a day. It all depends on the individual protein needs of the athlete. To prepare one serving of a cocktail, 30 grams of the substance is diluted in non-skim milk or water (500-600 ml). It is best to consume a protein complex in the morning, one hour before training or immediately after. In days free from physical exertion, he is drunk in the morning or in between meals.

To get the maximum benefit or enhance the effect of the supplement, it is taken in conjunction with other supplements. The most successful is the joint use with BCAA or monohydrate. Nutritionists who specialize in sports nutrition recommend drinking the complex along with amino acids of the same manufacturer, that is, RSP.

Taking whey protein does not require interruptions or cycling. The supplement is absolutely safe for human health. No adverse side effects are observed. In some cases, digestive problems occur.


In online stores of sports nutrition and in various forums devoted to bodybuilding, you can find many reviews about the protein complex of the Russian manufacturer. Most note that it is the best among domestic counterparts. They note high quality at an affordable price, as well as a variety of tastes.

Whey protein is made with the taste of strawberries, moccaccino, neutral, double chocolate, vanilla, wild berries. Among the reviews there are practically no ones in which they would write about an unloved taste. Complaints about the nastiness of a particular option are quite rare, but most of all athletes like strawberries and Mokkachino.