Whey 100 by Trec Nutrition

Sports nutrition Whey 100, produced by the Polish company Trec Nutrition, is a pure concentration of whey protein. The supplement is very popular among athletes due to its high European quality that meets all existing standards, excellent taste, highest efficiency, and affordable cost. Whey protein is designed to gain lean muscle mass and is used by many athletes during drying periods. It is drunk to reduce the harmful effects of catabolic processes on muscle fibers.


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Effect of taking

Trec Nutrition's pure whey protein intake allows athletes to experience the following benefits:

  • an increase in lean muscle mass and an increase in strength during intense training;
  • suppression of catabolic and improvement of the quality of recovery processes;
  • increase endurance indicators, which positively affects productivity in each lesson;
  • improving muscle relief.

The sports supplement is equally suitable for both women and men. Serum pure protein is great for any type of workout. There are no restrictions.


One serving of the supplement is 30 grams, which contains 95 calories. This amount of sports nutrition contains:

  • protein - 21.6 g;
  • carbohydrates - 1.7 g;
  • fats - 0.2 g.

The protein includes artificial and natural flavors, as well as various dyes with sweeteners. The amount of carbohydrates and fats in the supplement is minimal, and, therefore, taking whey protein will not lead to a set of subcutaneous fat.

How to Take Trey Nutrition Whey 100

The manufacturer recommends drinking the supplement from one to three times a day. It all depends on individual protein needs. To get one serving, 30 g of the substance are diluted in 200-300 ml of skim milk or water. The optimal time for protein intake is considered morning. On training days, it is best to drink the supplement one hour before the start and immediately after class. The rest of the time, the next two servings are taken between separate meals.

To increase the effectiveness of consuming a protein complex, it is combined with other supplements. Experienced athletes usually drink pure whey protein with creatine monohydrate. This allows you to achieve maximum muscle gain through increased strength.

The manufacturer’s specialists recommend taking the supplement with the following sports nutrition:

  • with the BCAA G-Force amino acid complex to accelerate the processes of recovery and suppression of catabolic processes;
  • with the vitamin-mineral supplement MultiPack to improve the health of joints and ligaments, as well as strengthen the protective functions of the body.

The complex has no side effects. It is absolutely safe, but in some cases, due to individual intolerance to the active substance, digestion problems can be observed. It is allowed to take the supplement on an ongoing basis, without any interruptions or cycling.


In popular online stores and on thematic forums, athletes taking this whey protein concentrate leave mostly positive reviews. Athletes highly appreciate the availability, effectiveness, and the absence of negative effects when taking the supplement. No less attention is paid to flavoring variations. A protein complex is produced with the taste of chocolate, cherry, vanilla, just chocolate, cookies and strawberries. The most popular are the first two options.