TRX Loops - Best Exercises and Training Programs

Total Body Resistance Exercise or TRX for short are special sports loops. Athletes call this device Tirex, which reflects the essence of the fact that it allows you to become powerful, strong, because you have to face one of the most aggressive representatives of the fauna that has ever existed on Earth.


  • 1 Benefits of Training with TRX Loops
    • 1.1 TRX Loop Efficiency
    • 1.2 TPX Loops - Home Workout or Gym "> 2 TRX Loops - Basic Exercises
      • 2.1 Important nuances and recommendations
      • 2.2 Back Workout with TRX Loops
      • 2.3 Reclining thrust with hands in TRX
      • 2.4 Reverse Pullups in TRX
    • 3 Beginner Training Program
      • 3.1 Hand breeding
      • 3.2 "Pistol" - squats on one leg
      • 3.3 Lunges with TRX
      • 3.4 Pulling on one hand
    • 4 TRX Loop Exercise Programs
      • 4.1 Circular training for the whole body in 30 minutes
      • 4.2 Split training program for gaining muscle mass
      • 4.3 Weekly training program for drying the body
      • 4.4 Training program for girls
    • 5 Summary

    Benefits of TRX Loop Workouts

    Translated from English, "resistance" means "resistance." Thus, it turns out that the basic principle of training using the TPX loop is based on resistance, which is due to the design of this device. It is a more advanced version of sports tires, but with some difference, so you can not confuse these shells with each other. The first difference is that the “tyrexes” are produced on the basis of belts with high strength. Initially, parachute slings were used for the loops.

    The main advantages of this sports equipment include the following important points:

    • Increased coordination due to the lack of any special mounts and hard stop.
    • Strengthening the interaction between the muscles, since you have to use almost the entire body at the same time.
    • Safety, since there is no additional load, with the exception of body weight.

    Performing the most common complex using TPX allows you to involve all muscle groups, and not some particular one.

    TRX Loop Efficiency

    The design of the suspended training device is flexible, which makes training with it somewhat different than using other simulators and devices.

    To work with this projectile, the following points must be considered:

    • tendons, ligaments, musculoskeletal system should work exclusively coordinated;
    • any even the simplest movement requires good balance and coordination;
    • training with “tyrexes” allows you to comprehensively develop and improve your body.

    For beginners, this device allows you to reduce the load on the spine without losing the effectiveness of the training itself. Experienced athletes find TPX useful because it allows you to act not only on the superficial, but also on the deep muscle layers.

    Hinges TPX - home workout or gym ">

    Complex exercises, of course, are best performed in the gym, but basic can be done in absolutely any convenient place. This is facilitated by the design feature of the Tirexes. They do not take up much space and are quite light. They can be taken with you absolutely everywhere.

    Dumbbells or barbells are not vilified and you will not carry with you on a business trip or trip. You can fix the TPX hinges on a hook, an anchor, a Swedish wall, throw it over a horizontal bar and even a branch, and also clamp it with a door. This allows you not to miss workouts and keep yourself in great shape even when there is no way to go to the gym or exercise with dumbbells and a barbell.

    TRX Loops - Basic Exercises

    When this device appeared at the disposal of trainers and professional athletes, they began to master all the possibilities with the TPX loop. The combination of practical skills and a creative approach allowed us to develop many recommendations, as well as various versions from simple to complex exercises aimed at working out the whole body.

    The main complex with “Tirexes” includes the following movements on:

    1. Your back. They take on the hinges, take a step forward, tilt the body at an acute angle to the back and pull up on their hands.
    2. Chest They take emphasis on straightened arms, step forward, fists spread on the sides so that the arms are bent at the elbows. The main thing is not to touch the sling.
    3. Shoulder girdle. Hands are taken for "tyrexes", take a step forward, first spreading their arms to the sides, and then lifting up.
    4. Legs. They step back, divert the body slightly, and keep their arms extended forward. They make sure that the feet are pressed to the floor surface. Do a squat.
    5. Hands (option 1). They take up the hinges, step forward, but turn their hands with their palms up, and then pull themselves up.
    6. Hands (option 2). This movement can be called biceps curl or bench press. Emphasis on arms elbows. Take a step forward. Wring out, but the elbows to the side do not part.

    The number of approaches for each of the six exercises ranges from two to four sets. Each should do from 10 to 15 repetitions. They exhale on effort, and inhale when they reverse the movement.

    Important nuances and recommendations

    You can’t start training with “tyrexes” without a preliminary good warm-up, which warms up muscles, which includes:

    • jogging or running in one place;
    • gymnastics for joints;
    • high-quality stretch;
    • warming massage when the loops are used as a rehabilitation device.

    The program is built up and includes exercises from simple to complex, selected according to individual characteristics. The main thing is to have good motivation, systematically engage in order to move from the lungs to progressive movements.

    TRX Back Workout

    The specific movements performed to work out the back depend on the tasks set. Exercises can focus on:

    • therapeutic effect;
    • general strengthening and recovery;
    • muscle building.

    The complexity of the exercise depends on two factors - the angle of inclination of the body back and the degree of dilution of the elbow joints and fists on the sides.

    Exercises with “tyrexes” have a beneficial effect on the condition of people suffering from problems with the spine. They perfectly strengthen the muscle corset and increase muscle tone.

    TRX Reverse Hand Thrust

    It is a complicated variation of the basic movement on the back. When it involves the maximum load, it is recommended that the body be positioned almost parallel to the floor surface, and the fists, pulling up, spread to the sides as much as possible. To slightly facilitate movement, it is allowed to bend the legs. This exercise is not recommended for beginners.

    Reverse Pullups in TRX

    Some experts recommend this exercise for those who practice independently, that is, not in the gym or in the presence of someone else. This movement is significantly strained by the muscles of the cortex, which are responsible for the stable position of the vertebral and hip sections, forearms, trapezius and latissimus muscles.

    Training program for beginners

    You can start practicing with “tyrexes” at any level of physical fitness. This device allows you to independently adjust the voltage, intensity, number and frequency of approaches. The main thing is not to take up complex movements right away.

    The lesson should begin with the following principles in mind:

    • complicate the program gradually, focusing on their achievements;
    • Do not wait for quick and instant results;
    • prevent muscle overtraining;
    • be able to smoothly enter and then exit the complex.

    The duration of the first training should not be more than thirty minutes.

    Hand breeding

    Take a step back, and the body is tilted forward. You can either bend your arms at the elbows, or leave them straight. The main load falls on the chest and abs.

    "Pistol" - squats on one leg

    A complicated variation of regular squats, as one leg extends parallel to the surface of the floor.

    Lunges with TRX

    They stand with their backs to the projectile and place one foot in both loops, and do a full squat on the other. This movement works great legs and torso.

    One arm pull up

    Hand grasp both handles, step forward and lean back, and then pull up, bending the elbow. You can not make sharp jerks. Exercise works well on the back, biceps, torso, and spinal muscles.

    TRX Loop Exercise Programs

    Physical activities pursue various goals, therefore, given that the needs of athletes are individual, the complex with "Tirex" can be directed:

    • to increase muscle mass;
    • to be basic, that is, to develop physical capabilities;
    • to dry the body, eliminating subcutaneous fat.

    Some athletes say that TRX does not allow quick results. But, of course, everything is individual and you can only verify the effectiveness of a new adaptation for yourself in a practical way.

    Full body circular workout in 30 minutes

    It is performed within half an hour and involves all muscle groups, aimed at burning excess calories, pulling up the body.

    The lesson consists of classic movements:

    • squats
    • strips;
    • pull-ups;
    • push ups.

    Each needs to be done in several cycles of 15 repetitions.

    Split training program for gaining muscle mass

    Classes with “tyrexes” in bodybuilding are combined with acrobatics and, of course, with exercises performed with such weights as weights, dumbbells. In addition, serious training requires the adaptation of a standard program for TRX.

    The split program should include:

    • base loads;
    • isolated professional trainings (turns, twisting and so on).

    Three times a week you need to load 1 or 2 muscle groups. Rest between sets should be increased.

    Training program for a week for drying the body

    Along with regular training, a diet is also followed.

    Classes should be held four times a week and include the following workouts:

    • on Monday and Tuesday perform a general round-robin training;
    • Thursday is dedicated to intensive training;
    • doing strength training on Saturday.

    Drying is carried out exclusively with the use of power simulators. The pace should be fast, and the pauses between sets should be shortened.

    Training program for girls

    The projectile allows you to perform a wide variety of movements, giving great scope for experimentation.

    Among the basic exercises for girls, the following movements are recommended:

    • thirty-second “rowing propulsion”;
    • 10-16 emphasis on straight arms with flexion of the elbows:
    • squats on one leg, when the second knee goes along the lateral path;
    • raising the knee to the chest with the body tilted forward, fists pressed on the sides;
    • rises of the buttocks from a prone position when the heels are in loops (lie on your back);
    • bar with pulling the knees to the stomach, when the socks are fixed in the loops.

    The result from such classes is due to the systematic nature, diet, weight, equipment and other individual characteristics.


    Rings, captures, loops have long been used for training on dexterity, endurance and strength. TRX, of course, is a patented sports device, but not an innovation, but only an improvement on the previous shells. You can not consider "Tirex" a miraculous simulator, but this gadget is practical, convenient and allows you to keep yourself in good shape both at home and on the trip.