TOP 10 High Protein Slimming and Dry Weight Products


    • 0.1 Fish
    • 0.2 Fat-free cottage cheese
    • 0.3 Meat
    • 0.4 Liver
  • 1 Products suitable for mass only
    • 1.1 Legumes
    • 1.2 Cheeses
    • 1.3 Nuts
    • 1.4 Cereals
    • 1.5 Bagels and bagels
    • 1.6 Eggs
    • 1.7 Conclusions
    • 1.8 Proteins in foods

A fish

Tuna fillet, trout, salmon, shrimp. These seafood contain approximately 20% protein and 1% - 6% fat. Tuna does not have fat at all .. However, if the fish is very oily, then even in this case, gaining excess weight from fish oil is many times more difficult than normal. This group includes fish containing at least 10% protein and not more than 10% fat.

You should also pay attention to dried and dried fish, and shrimp. These products contain 40-50% protein. This concentration is possible with a low water content in dried products.

Skim cheese

This product contains approximately 18% protein. The disadvantage of this dairy product is its dryness and as a result, it is very inconvenient to separately eat it. However, curd protein is absorbed for a long time and this is its positive side. Eating it will be useful at any time of the day.


The meat of beef, turkey and chicken and the other most dietary meat contains about 20% protein and 10% fat. Chicken breast is saturated with protein in an amount of 25% but has almost no fat. In general, less than 10% fat in meat is perfect for weight loss.


Liver of beef, pork and chicken. When compared with meat, it has much less fat, from about 1% to 6%. The amount of protein coincides with its content in meat.

Products suitable for mass only


Peas, beans, soybeans, lentils. Peas, beans and lentils contain 20% - 25% protein. Soy - 35% - 40% protein. The positive quality of these products is their low cost and lack of fat. Peas are among the most readily available protein sources. This product will be able to make a good diet for people with limited financial capabilities. Dried peas can be cooked and mashed from it. It turns out a dish like mashed potatoes. Hearty and high in protein.

However, all legumes also contain significant amounts of carbohydrates. And soybean still contains 15-20% fat. As a result, legumes are great for gaining weight, but they cannot be used as a dietary product.


Amber, Parmesan, mountain, Dutch, Poshekhonsky, Yaroslavl. These products are saturated with protein in the amount of 25% - 35%. These are the most common cheeses. The amount of fat in cheese is about the same as protein. In this scenario, the use of this product as a dietary product is extremely unproductive.


Walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pistachios contain about 20% - 25% protein. But the fat in them is even more, and this is approximately 50% - 60%. With these properties, nuts are perfect for weight gain, but will be an obstacle to weight loss.


Buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, barley, lentils. These products contain 10 to 14% protein. The amount of carbohydrates is many times greater, somewhere between 60% and 70%. This refers to a dry state. As a result, cereals are also great for weight gain. Their significant advantage is low cost.

Bagels and bagels

Since this is essentially a “dry” bread, there is more protein in them than in ordinary. Approximately 15% - 16%. However, carbohydrates as much as 70%. Therefore, they are also not suitable for weight loss.


Eggs contain an equal amount of protein and fat. This is approximately 12%. At the same time, the yolk contains more protein than the white mass of the egg. Egg white is consumed due to the lack of fat in them, and the yolk contains 35% of it. As a result of this, eggs are not suitable for weight loss if you eat them whole. If you follow a diet, it is best to eat only protein, but since it contains only 10%, then to obtain proteins in the amount of 100 grams, you will need to use egg white to a liter. And this is a very large number of eggs, which is difficult to imagine.


Considering all the products, we can conclude that not all proteins are suitable for one purpose. If you intend to increase body weight, it is best to use protein-type foods, as well as those that contribute to weight loss. But if you need to lose weight, you should focus on foods low in fat and carbohydrates. But these products are not cheap.

Proteins in foods