Peptide TB 500

The peptide, marketed under the trade name "TB 500", is an anthropogenic analog that is obtained from the synthesis of forty-four amino acids. The drug promotes healing and wound healing. For medical purposes, it is taken after a heart attack, injury or surgery. For horses, this drug is a dope. In bodybuilding, bodybuilders take this peptide in order to achieve an anabolic effect.


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Taking the drug contributes to:

  • early wound healing;
  • increase the speed of anabolic processes in the heart and muscle tissues;
  • improving the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels;
  • normalization of the function of the nervous system;
  • maintaining joint flexibility;
  • increase testosterone production, as it stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone;
  • restoration of joints and ligaments, but on the course of treatment with other drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory processes.

TB 500 does not apply to anabolic steroids. This means that this peptide cannot lead to an increase in muscle volume and strength indicators. The positive effect of the drug is that it increases insulin susceptibility. Thanks to this action, sports results are improved.

Studies on the effectiveness of this peptide for sports purposes are still underway. There are experts who are confident that this drug increases strength and power, and a number of experts talk about the beneficial effect of the substance on muscle stiffness.

How to take TB 500

The synthetic peptide is not available in tablet form, therefore, is administered as an injection. The drug is most often prescribed to athletes who have suffered a sports injury or need to restore the work of the heart muscle.

Take the peptide course, which is divided into three phases:

  1. The first week the dosage is 2 mg of the substance administered intramuscularly after a week, but not more than 10 mg in total.
  2. Loading, when in the second week the amount from 2 to 6 mg is divided into 2 dosages and is taken every other day.
  3. As support, a similar amount of the peptide is administered every 14 days, but for a month.

Some experts believe this scheme is not the best, because they believe that the second phase does not bring results, and the dosage must be selected individually for each.

Side effects

Laboratory studies did not reveal any negative consequences from taking this peptide. In addition, the substance does not contain any drug substances, therefore, it is not detected in the doping control.


Most athletes, judging by the reviews, take this substance usually to eliminate any problems with the joints. The opinions of bodybuilders about him are different. Part of bodybuilders writes that he is effectively fighting the anti-inflammatory effect. Others, on the contrary, note that he does not have any positive result. In addition, some athletes weighing 70 kg take 6 mg, while others take 10 mg or more.