Super Mass Gainer by Dymatize Nutrition

The Super Mass Gainer is a high calorie gainer that is rich in fast carbs. The supplement was developed by the American company Dymatize Nutrition. It is not suitable for athletes with a tendency to thickness, that is, those who quickly gain kilograms. The product is primarily intended for ectomorphs - people who have a lean physique by nature. The main problem of such athletes is that they cannot gain weight even when eating large amounts of food. Along with fast carbohydrates, there are three more varieties with different assimilation rates in the gainer. This allows you to build muscle and strength.


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Effect of taking

Sports nutrition based on carbohydrates and proteins from the American manufacturer has a comprehensive positive effect. The use of Super Mass Gainer contributes to:

  • muscle gain and strength indicators;
  • accelerate recovery processes and suppress catabolism;
  • increase endurance and performance during training;
  • replenishment of energy reserves after high-intensity classes.

The complex effect allows you to improve the quality of the training process, build muscle.


One serving is 334 grams. It contains 1280 calories, of which 8 are fats, 50 are proteins, 252 grams are carbohydrates. In addition, each dosage gives the athlete:

  • cholesterol - 70 mg;
  • creatine monohydrate - 1 g;
  • potassium - 500 mg;
  • sodium - 200 mg.

The gainer also has minerals, vitamins, flavors of natural and artificial origin, sweeteners, dyes. Each intake of a sports supplement allows an athlete to get over one thousand calories. The high energy value makes the weight gainer completely unprofitable for weight-gaining athletes, as subcutaneous fat will increase.

How to take Super Mass Gainer

It is recommended to use a complex based on carbohydrates with the addition of protein one serving per day after the completion of the training. On weekends, the manufacturer’s experts advise replacing the additive with one of the meals. To prepare one serving of a carbohydrate-protein shake, 334 grams of powder are diluted with water or non-fat milk (500-650 ml).

Experienced athletes are advised not to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer and will reduce the dosage to 167 grams. This will avoid undue stress on the digestive system. Instead of one dose per day, it is better to drink a cocktail twice, that is, the daily rate should be divided into two. One to use in the afternoon, and another after completion of training. This scheme is most optimal for people with an ectomorphic physique.

To increase the efficiency of gaining a gainer, the product is combined with other additives:

  • to suppress catabolic processes and quick recovery with BCAA Complex 5050;
  • for increase in indicators of strength and body weight with Creatine Micronized;
  • to stimulate enhanced production of growth hormone with Gaba.

The specific choice, as it has already become clear, completely depends on the desired effect.


In sports forums about the gainer, there are mostly only positive comments. Athletes are satisfied with the low cost and good effectiveness of the supplement, and their quick solubility during cooking. A mixture based on carbohydrates and proteins is presented with the taste of strawberries, vanilla, berries, sugar biscuits, rich chocolate, banana and just chocolate. Judging by the reviews, the most popular is the vanilla and chocolate gainer.