Super Fat Burner by Biotech USA

The powerful American fat burner Super Fat Burner is very different from most analogues on the market. Its basis is represented by natural ingredients. The complex accelerates the course of metabolic processes and fat burning. Athletes use this sports nutrition during preparation for competitions and during the drying period.

The action of most fat burners leads to the depletion of the central nervous system. A similar undesirable effect occurs due to the fact that CNS stimulants are present in the complexes. Such components include caffeine with ephedrine and similar substances. There are no such ingredients in this supplement.

The absence of an inhibitory factor on the nervous system made the complex produced by Biotech USA very popular among athletes. The action of a sports drug is based on thermogenesis - increasing the heat production of the human body.


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Benefits of Super Fat Burner

Super Fat Burner has many positive effects for the athlete. Its reception leads to:

  • accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • increase in heat production, but without any negative impact on health;
  • inhibition of appetite, and, consequently, a decrease in calories consumed;
  • normalization of insulin.

The supplement has a long lasting effect.

Super Fat Burner roster

One daily portion of the drug - four tablets. This amount of complex allows an athlete to receive:

  • chromium - 80 mcg;
  • chromium picolinate - 640 mcg;
  • green coffee extract - 50 mg;
  • L-carnitine complex - 99 mg;
  • extract of Garcinia Cambogia and chitosan - 100 mg each;
  • amino acids - 110 mg;
  • Biotin or Vitamin B7 - 200 mg;
  • lecithin and linoleic conjugate acid - 300 mg each.

The composition of the additive, as is already clear, is very different from the list of ingredients of other fat burners.

How to take Biotech Super Fat Burner

Super Fat Burner is recommended to drink two pills twice a day. One intake should be in the morning, and the second - 30 minutes before the immediate workout. Dosage depends on weight. If the athlete's body weight does not exceed 79 kilograms, the dosage should be reduced to three tablets. For athletes who weigh more, you can stop at the recommended dosage or increase the number of pills taken.

The complex is allowed to drink with other additives that enhance the effect. Experts advise taking it with a fat burner with L-carnitine. It is forbidden to combine the supplement with other fat burners, as this can cause problems with the work of the cardiovascular system. To preserve muscle mass while burning subcutaneous fat, you should drink a supplement with amino acid complexes of the Mega Amino 3200 type.

The optimal course duration varies from 1 to 1.5 months with a similar break in time, after which this fat burner can be taken again.


Based on the comments that athletes leave in online sports nutrition stores and in various bodybuilding forums, you can see that most are satisfied with the complex. The availability, effectiveness and quality of the supplement are highly appreciated, and, most importantly, the absence of a detrimental effect on the central nervous system. There are also negative reviews in which it is written that the supplement practically does not give a result, but this is usually associated with non-compliance with the diet and low physical activity.