Super Amino 6000 by Dymatize

Amino acid complex Super Amino 6000, manufactured by the American company Dymatize Nutrition, is a supplement with a carefully selected composition. Its components were chosen specifically to meet the needs of people who lead a predominantly active lifestyle. Amino acids are essential for building muscle tissue. They are directly involved in the formation of muscle mass, contribute to increased relief and endurance indicators. It is recommended to take the drug both during the drying period, and for sets of muscle mass.


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Reception effects

The use of this drug contributes to:

  • an increase in lean muscle mass and an increase in strength indicators;
  • improving muscle relief;
  • increase productivity and endurance;
  • suppression of catabolism;
  • accelerate metabolic processes.

The complex improves the absorption of other supplements that are taken simultaneously with this sports nutrition.


One portion of the complex is three tablets. It contains 10 kcal and 3 g of protein and three groups of amino acids:

  • interchangeable:
    • aspartic acid - 555 mg
    • serine - 322 mg
    • Alanine - 221 mg
    • proline - 440 mg
  • conditionally irreplaceable:
    • glutamine - 1 mg
    • cystine - 75 mg
    • glycine - 166 mg
    • tyrosine - 276 mg
    • arginine - 334 mg
  • irreplaceable:
    • tryptophan - 74 mg
    • methionine - 127 mg
    • histidine - 154 mg
    • threonine - 266 mg
    • isoleucine and valine - 313 mg each
    • phenylalanine - 355 mg
    • lysine - 441 mg
    • leucine - 575 mg

Such a number of components is contained in each portion of the amino acid complex.

How to take Super Amino 6000

Specialists of the American manufacturer advise drinking the amino acid complex from two to three times a day. Each serving should have 3 pills. It is best to take the supplement in the morning, before and after the workout. Tablets are washed down with plenty of clean drinking water. The supplement can be combined with other sports nutrition. The specific choice is due to the purpose for which the complex is supplemented with other drugs:

  • Elite Casein Protein for enhanced muscle relief. The drug is added to casein protein.
  • Creatine Micronized or Elite Whey Protein for accelerated muscle gain and improved strength. Additives are taken as separate agents.

To speed up the process of fat burning, the amino acid complex is drunk with any fat-burning drugs or L-carnitine.

Super Amino 6000 is used not only cyclically or intermittently, but also on a regular basis. Amino acid complex is absolutely harmless and does not cause any side effects from taking.


The American company Dymatize is a leading manufacturer of sports nutrition, which is very popular for its high quality and effectiveness. Reviews about this amino acid complex are mostly positive and indicate that it really gives a good result. Among the main advantages of the complex, athletes note a relatively affordable cost, high efficiency and quality. These three key points made the amino acid complex popular. Not all athletes are satisfied with the result. Among the reviews there are those in which bodybuilders are unsatisfied with the tablet form. Some have difficulty swallowing these pills. Other athletes, standing up for the defense of the complex, note that there are much larger tablets, therefore, should not be favored.