Gainer Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition

Serious Mass is a carbohydrate-protein weight gain drug that is released by the leader in sports nutrition. Serious Mass includes a reasonable ratio of components, such as protein, carbohydrates and trace elements that an athlete needs, in the process of increasing the volume of muscle tissue. This Optimum Nutrition Gainer is an excellent source of energy replenishment, as well as a basis for gaining muscle mass.

Since athletes train, spending a lot of strength and energy, they need to use special nutritional supplements that help restore their energy and achieve their goals. In one portion of the drug contains up to 1000 calories, 50 g of protein and 250 g of carbohydrates. The main sources of energy of such a drug are polysaccharides and crystalline fructose. Gainer Serious Mass can be used as a pre-workout complex.

How to take Serious Mass

Since Optimum Nutrition Gainer is a dietary supplement, it is taken 3 times a day, between meals. It is taken in the form of a cocktail prepared in 250-300 ml of water (milk or juice). To do this, one scoop is dissolved in a liquid. Gainer is considered a high-calorie product, so you should not get carried away with its use. If used too often, fat may appear. The dose of the gainer depends on the weight of the athlete and amounts to: with a weight of up to 80 kg it is enough to use three scoops per day, and with a weight of up to 95 kg, the use of a gainer can be up to 1.5 tablespoons 3 times a day. If the weight of the athlete is more than 95 kg, then the amount of the additive can be increased to 2 measured spoons.

In addition to the listed main ingredients, the composition of the gainer includes creatine monohydrate, inositol, vitamins, glutamine and a whole set of trace elements. The gainer has a variety of taste characteristics, which is ensured by a wide range of flavors, including the taste of chocolate, bananas, strawberries, vanilla and other flavors. In the process of consumption, the taste characteristics can be expanded by adding any jam, honey or strawberries to the cocktail.

The athlete’s daily activities consist of various events that do not allow timely food intake. In addition, a lack of time and an active lifestyle prefer the presence of several large forces and energy. And here, as the main assistant, the Serious Mass gainer, which requires a minimum of time to prepare a cocktail, can serve. Timely replenishment of the athlete's body with additional energy will help to achieve the best results.

Optimum Nutrition Products

Under the sign of this company, only a quality product is delivered to the sports nutrition market. All this, thanks to modern technology and constant research in this area. Such an integrated approach allows us to produce high-quality, clean, and most importantly, affordable products for a wide range of consumers. In addition, constantly searching for new concentrations of ingredients with the maximum effect.

Serious Mass is considered one of the most sought-after products in this area that meets international, modern quality standards.


Both professional and novice athletes respond extremely positively to this product. Most athletes, communicating in sports forums, share different opinions and levels of achievement that are associated with taking Serious Mass. The bulk of the reviews are associated with high returns, availability and quality.