Pure Creatine by Power System

Power System Pure Creatine is a high-quality creatine monohydrate. The substance is involved in cellular energy metabolism, improves athletic performance, and allows you to extend the time under load, and increase the power of strength work. Creatine is officially recognized as a working supplement. It is used in power sports, bodybuilding, as well as in sprint and martial arts. Contrary to popular belief, it is suitable for both men and women, and can be used in amateur fitness. Modern creatine preparations do not cause significant edema, but give only a pleasant feeling of fullness, elasticity and muscle strength.

Muscle building is impossible without high-quality strength training. But many athletes are forced to balance between “dryness” and good strength, simply because they do not get enough energy for training from regular food, which allows them to maintain a fairly dry form. For energy, they would have to eat meat in kilograms, which will certainly affect both the appearance and the state of the digestive tract. The problem can be solved with sports supplements. Creatine allows you to get the energy necessary for muscle growth, and not gain extra calories. It promotes muscle growth, as it “nourishes” strength training.

The Power System Pure Creatine has the following benefits:

  • There are no impurities in it;
  • It is produced only on high-quality German equipment;
  • Approved by the anti-doping committee, and can be used in sports where real doping control is present;
  • Differs in high quality and good digestibility

This product can be taken without “downloads”, and any complex schemes, it improves the strength performance of athletes with a guarantee, and is well established in the market.


The manufacturer refused to use dyes, sweeteners and flavors. This product contains only pure creatine monohydrate. A 100-gram jar contains exceptionally pure and high-quality creatine, nothing more.

How to take Pure Creatine from Power System

There is an opinion that the manufacturer recommends the first week to “load” 20 g of creatine into the body so that it is better absorbed and works faster and more efficiently. In fact, this is unfounded. Download in this case is not justified, since the body still can not absorb more than 5 g of creatine monohydrate. Everything else is simply excreted, and not absorbed by the body. So a person increases his expenses on sports nutrition, but not the results.

Creatine is advisable to take 5 g before training, in about 30-40 minutes. If there is a need to drink an amino acid complex, you can combine the substances. For better absorption, creatine is drunk with juice or seized with something sweet. The fact is that the transport for this substance, allowing it to quickly absorb in the muscles, is the anabolic hormone insulin. It contributes to the quickest delivery of creatine to working cells, and the best result from its use. However, studies prove that creatine will work even if you don't take extra supplements.

Important: you can enhance the effect of creatine, if you replenish energy reserves before training, not only them, but also use protein, amino acids, and, if necessary, increase the concentration and return from exercise - caffeine.

How long can I take creatine ">

Power System's Pure Creatine Creatine is free from impurities and is a pure, high-quality product. This is his great advantage. But many athletes claim that he would have been better with fragrances and additives. Professional bodybuilders, on the contrary, believe that a fragrance-free protein is the best choice, since the likelihood that a person will “fill it with water” from it is quite small, and most likely, creatine use will only have a positive effect on the form.

In addition, sports nutrition products can and should be mixed, and supporters of bright tastes and pleasant sensations can mix creatine with any amino acid complex to obtain the desired effect. It will be better if the sportspit is selected by quality, level of production, and compliance with the standards of control over products, and not by the way it tastes apple or banana.

There are no complaints regarding the quality of the product. There were no reviews of indigestion, poor digestion, or other deficiencies. Most people who use this creatine are happy with it, and would buy it again.