Performance Creatine by San

San's Performance Creatine is a supplement to increase strength and muscle fullness. It is suitable for both amateurs and performing athletes. Creatine is absolutely harmless, does not cause metabolic adaptation, and does not affect the nervous system. It is normally found in food. For example, to get the required dosage of creatine per day, you need to eat 3 kg of Atlantic herring. Few people are ready for such feats for the sake of strength and muscle growth, and training performance. Therefore, people take supplements.

Reception effects

Additive may:

  • Improve pumping during training;
  • Hold a certain amount of water in the muscles;
  • To promote the growth of power;
  • Help build muscle

Before us is the most common creatine monohydrate. It is recognized as effective even by independent scientific research. Athletes believe that this is one of the few working supplements from the world of sports nutrition.

How to take San's Performance Creatine

There are several ways to use:

  • With loading;
  • No download;
  • As part of the pre-training and after training complex

With a load, take 20 g daily until the muscles fill with creatine. Normally, our body can retain up to 400 g of creatine phosphate. Western sources recommend just so much to eat. Domestic - drink 20 g for 5 days, and then switch to the usual dosage.

Does it make sense to download ">

The product is of good quality. It is practically not faked. The authors of the reviews note an increase in weight about 3-4 days after the start of the intake, they note that the quality of the supplement is high, and there are no lumps or unpleasant odors when opening the package. Professional athletes claim that this creatine is almost the best, along with the product from Optimum Nutrition.

It seems to some lovers that it would be more convenient to take creatine in capsules than to stir it in juice. But this is a matter of individual preference. Regarding the tasks of training, the majority have no complaints.

Many athletes notice that this product is more expensive than a similar product from Maxler or Russian brands. This is logical, because the quality of the additive will be higher. But not everyone is happy for obvious reasons. A small number of negative reviews is due precisely to the price of the supplement, and not its quality.