Opti-Women Vitamins

A special vitamin and mineral complex, marketed under the Opti-Women trademark, developed by Optimum Nutrition, is designed specifically for women who regularly engage in sports, regardless of the particular discipline, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It is beneficial when observing strict diets, when caloric intake decreases sharply, as well as during weight loss.

Due to its balanced composition, the supplement allows you to keep yourself in great shape. The minerals and vitamins included in the product are invaluable for maintaining health, and are also necessary for fat burning and optimizing muscle gain.

The popularity of this vitamin complex with a high content of minerals is due to the fact that the company produces a highly effective male counterpart, so the product does not need additional advertising, but is automatically considered a high-quality one. Optimum Nutrition has an excellent reputation and always produces quality supplements.

Vitamin-mineral complexes for women are quite few, and Opti Wumen fully meets the needs of the body of the fair sex. This made the supplement a real breakthrough and made the product truly in demand.


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Opti-Women Composition

The supplement contains:

  • 23 vitamins and essential minerals;
  • the daily norm of substances such as zinc and iron, as well as calcium in the amount of 150 mg;
  • 17 special components that are required by the female body.

The composition is completely tailored to the needs of the girls.

How to take Opti-Women

The complex is available in the form of capsules, which provides easy swallowing. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, you should take the supplement two capsules per day in conjunction with one of the meals. The ingredients in Opti Wumen are safe and natural. Absolutely everyone can take the drug. There are no contraindications to its use.

What is the benefit of ">

Mental activity, metabolic processes, transmission of nerve impulses, the protective functions of the body are directly dependent on minerals and vitamins. Their deficiency leads to negative consequences for mental and physical activity, as well as to health problems.

Only the entry of these substances from the outside allows to make up for the deficiency. Unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain a sufficient concentration of vital compounds from ordinary foods. This is especially true for those involved in sports, because due to stress the need for minerals and vitamins increases sharply.

Girls involved in any kind of training should look for an alternative source of both vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, a deficit becomes inevitable. You can combine pharmacy drugs, but it’s much more convenient to drink a complex that already contains everything you need.

Optimum Nutrition experts were guided by this, creating a supplement specifically for women. All proportions and ratios are precisely calculated and observed. Drinking two capsules per day, the girl completely provides her body with the necessary valuable substances.

Opti-Women Reviews

Actively trained and set out to lose weight, girls leave mostly positive reviews regarding the supplement. Both athletes and those women who monitor their health are discussing the complex. Its reception makes it easier to tolerate stress, as well as increase productivity.

The most important point is that Opti-Women does not cause any negative effects from taking, has no contraindications and side effects. There were no complaints of poor health from those taking the supplement. This indicates the absolute safety of the product. Replenishment of all vitamins and minerals required by the body has a positive effect on the condition of teeth, nails, hair.

The only disadvantage that Opti Wumen has is the cost. She's pretty tall. Negative reviews about the supplement are caused solely by this fact.