Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition

Opti-Men American Vitamin and Mineral Complex for Athletes has been developed specifically for men who are active in sports. It is aimed at strengthening the body's own protective functions and increasing indicators of strength and endurance. Without minerals and vitamins, athletes suffer from poor performance in training, which affects their well-being and delays the achievement of the desired results. The complex is almost solely the leader in the sports nutrition market. Its only competitor that can replace this supplement is Animal Pak. Other products with vitamin and mineral content can not be compared with the American supplement.

The high popularity and quality of the complex is due to the fact that it contains minerals, which are the main building material of the skeleton. These compounds are necessary for every athlete, since they are “washed out” of the man’s body along with sweat during training. Admission Opti-Men allows you to replenish lost valuable substances, as well as improve the quality of metabolism and your own body defense.


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Opti-Men Composition

Vitamin and mineral sports supplement contains:

  • A complex of 8 amino acids (Amino), including BCAA, arginine and glutamine, which promote the growth and restoration of muscle tissue.
  • Eight rare varieties of algae and herbs called Viri, which positively affect male libido.
  • A complex of 20 fruit and vegetable concentrates that help the body get rid of free negative radicals.
  • Four enzymes (Enzy) that improve digestive processes and the absorption of nutrients obtained with food.

Along with these components, the supplement contains minerals and vitamins, which form the basis of the Opti complex.

How to take Opti-Men

The balanced composition of the supplement allows you to forget about the need to use numerous capsules and tablets. It is enough to take one tablet of Opti-Men three times a day to obtain the necessary daily intake of minerals and vitamins. Drink a capsule with meals, and then drink plenty of regular drinking water to improve the absorption of substances.

Why the complex can not be replaced by food or pharmacy vitamins "> Side effects

In rare cases, a man may experience intolerance to a separate component of the complex. Digestion problems are even less common. Compliance with dosages allows you to minimize any negative consequences after taking a balanced mineral and vitamin supplement.


Almost all athletes write about the high quality of this supplement, but professional athletes warn that you should not expect much from the product. There are those who consider balanced nutrition more important than various complexes. Thus, if you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, the need for taking the supplement simply disappears. Unfortunately, only a few athletes manage to adhere to such an ideal diet.

Dissatisfaction with the complex is often due to the fact that advertising companies promise something that, in principle, cannot be expected from this supplement. It allows you to improve recovery, become more resilient (subject to intensive and regular training), but minimally affects the increase in muscle mass and strength. Muscles cannot grow much faster due to the intake of minerals and vitamins, so you should not expect this from Opti-Men.