Mutant mass

Produced by PVL, a high-calorie gainer under the trade name Mutant Mass is a sports nutrition for fast mass gain. The supplement is especially suitable for people who have a thin physique by nature. Ectomorphs have particular difficulty in gaining mass. This means that other athletes should refrain from using this gainer. It contains a lot of sugar, which can give an impetus to an undesirable increase in body fat.


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Reception effects

The use of supplements contributes to:

  • an increase in strength and muscle growth;
  • inhibition of catabolic processes;
  • increase endurance in training;
  • replenishment of expended energy reserves.

The gainer improves the quality of recovery after training.

Mutant Mass Composition

260 grams per one serving of gainer, which is about 1060 kilocalories, which include:

  • fats - 18 g;
  • proteins - 52 g;
  • carbohydrates - 176g;
  • fiber - 8 g.

The gainer's protein matrix is ​​represented by a concentrate, hydrolyzate and whey protein isolate, casein, as well as milk and egg proteins. Along with these substances, the additive contains a certain amount of vanillin, soya lecithin, dyes, sweeteners, flavorings, extracts of cinnamon and sunflower, as well as flaxseeds.

How to take Mutant Mass

The manufacturer recommends drinking 1 or 2 servings per day. This norm applies to absolutely all athletes, regardless of what kind of sports goal is pursued, how many calories are needed for daily consumption. To prepare a cocktail, 260 g of the additive, that is, 4 scoops, is poured with 0.7-1 liter of milk (non-fat) or plain water. It is best to take a weight gainer in the morning, immediately before or after the workout.

Exceed the recommended 2 servings should not. The abundance of protein (50 g) and carbohydrates (150 g) overloads the digestive system, which is difficult to immediately absorb so many nutrients. To increase the result of using this gainer, it is better to supplement the course with other sports food. Mutant Mass goes well with the amino acid complex. Well-established joint administration with creatine monohydrate. You can use various energy drinks, boosters (testosterone), pre-workouts.

The weight gainer in question is suitable for regular use. It is not necessary to adhere to the course or take breaks. The supplement is completely safe, does not give any side effects. Individual athletes may have an individual intolerance to the components of sports nutrition. To avoid possible digestive problems, you should divide large into small portions.

Mutant Mass Reviews

The gainer is quite popular, because reviews about it are left on many forums and in online stores. Athletes write about taking the supplement in a positive way. The carbohydrate-protein mixture has gained well-deserved confidence among athletes, who note that it is perfectly balanced, effective, and of high quality.

Another advantage of this gainer is a wide selection of flavors - chocolate, strawberry-banana, chocolate-peanut, strawberry, chocolate-nut, vanilla and cookies. The most popular is chocolate, strawberry-banana, and vanilla. Athletes with experience recommend that beginners consume creatine with Mutant Mass, which will accelerate muscle growth and further increase strength.