Muscle juice revolution 2600

Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 is a high-performance drug manufactured by Ultimate Nutrition, an American company. At this stage, it is considered one of the most popular carbohydrate-protein complexes that contribute to the collection of muscle mass. A highly effective gainer is designed exclusively for increasing muscle mass, but in the process of drying or dieting it makes no sense to use it. The manufacturer does not recommend using a similar complex for those athletes who have a tendency to gain excess weight. As for thin athletes, this drug is simply ideal for them.

Gainer composition

The gainer includes exclusively progressive components, which explains its high efficiency. Such components include: carbohydrates of various degrees of absorption, a protein complex that includes up to 8 different types of proteins, useful fatty acids, including many vitamins and minerals, as well as their complexes.

The protein complex consists of the following active components:

  • Isolate, concentrate and whey protein hydrolyzate.
  • Concentrate and isolate of milk protein.
  • Isolate egg white.
  • Calcium caseinate and micellar casein.

In one serving of a gainer (4 scoops) is:

  • 56 g of protein.
  • 170 g of carbohydrates.
  • 14 g of fat.
  • 1020 calories.

In addition to the above components, the composition of the gainer includes glutamine mixtures, a food sweetener and flavoring, which improves its taste characteristics.

How to take Muscle Juice Revolution 2600

The manufacturer Ultimate Nutrition recommends taking the drug from 1 to 2 times a day, depending on the physical condition of the athlete. On days of rest, when there is no physical activity, the gainer is recommended to use the sutra, and during periods of physical activity it is better to take the drug, both in the morning and after training, it is better immediately. To prepare a drink, you need to take 265 g of the substance (1 serving, 4 scoops) and mix it in 500-600 ml of water or milk. Since the active substance is poorly soluble in liquids, it is better to prepare it with a mixer or shaker.

For the manifestation of the maximum effect, which is reflected in the set of muscle mass and increase the athlete's strength data, Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 can be taken in combination with creatine monohydrate or amino acid complexes. In addition, it is permissible to add vitamins and minerals or their complexes, including other useful components, to a gainer.

Important! The drug is produced in accordance with all applicable international quality standards, which makes it completely harmless to human health (athlete) and is not accompanied by the manifestation of various side effects.


Reviews about this drug indicate that in our time it is the most popular in the market of sports nutrition. A large mass of athletes respond positively both to the quality and effectiveness of this gainer, while noting the affordable price and easy digestion by the digestive system.

In the sports nutrition market, there is a carbohydrate-protein mixture prepared on the basis of 5 different flavors - chocolate, cookies, banana, vanilla and strawberries. Reviews indicate that the most popular tastes are: chocolate, banana and cookies. Despite the generally good tastes in general, athletes note the fact that they have sugary-sweet tastes. But this problem can be solved by simply adding more fluid. The disadvantages of the drug should also include poor solubility, which does not allow you to cook it in any conditions. Despite this, the mixture can be prepared in advance using a blender.