Metapure Zero Carb by QNT

The protein complex Metapure Zero Carb is very popular among beginners and professionals. It is made on the basis of pure whey protein - isolate. The supplement is produced by the European manufacturer QNT, which invariably occupies a leading position in the sports nutrition market. The company produces high-quality and effective supplements that fully meet all modern quality standards and are absolutely safe for humans. Whey protein in its pure form is one of the best products that allows you to quickly gain muscle mass and preserve muscle during the drying period.

There are no fats or lactose in Zero Karbe. The supplement contains a large number of BCAAs, branched chain amino acids. Protein sports nutrition is ideal for athletes who build muscle without any subcutaneous fat, and it also allows you to maintain excellent relief. The mixture copes well with reducing body fat both on a diet and on drying while preserving muscle mass.


In each portion of a sports supplement of 30 grams, it is concluded:

  • protein - 25.2 g;
  • fat and carbohydrates - 1 g each

It contains about 106 kilocalories. The amount of branched chain amino acids in a serving is about 5.5 g. Food flavorings and sweeteners are added to the product.

How to take Metapure Zero Carb

Specialists of the manufacturer recommend using Zero Carb from two to three times a day. On training days, the supplement is drunk first in the morning, and then an hour before training and immediately after completion. In days free from training, the prepared protein shake is drunk in the morning and between separate meals.

To prepare a cocktail, a portion that is 30 g is diluted with a glass of plain water or milk. Some athletes double portions, that is, they put 60 g of substances in half a liter of water, and then drink the prepared supplement for a whole day.

To increase the effect in the set of pure muscle mass, creatine monohydrate is also added to the cocktail, which helps to improve endurance and strength characteristics. When the supplement is taken for drying, preference should be given to the BCAA complex, which allows you to inhibit catabolic processes and have a greater energy reserve.

Taking Metapure Zero Carb, a European brand, does not cause any side effects. The protein complex is well absorbed in the body. It is highly soluble in both water and milk, has a good taste.


Whey protein isolate, manufactured by the European company QNT, is in greatest demand among analogues. If you analyze the reviews that are found in many forums, in most cases they are positive. Athletes write about high quality, efficiency, a balanced ratio of components, a high rate of dissolution and assimilation in the body. Professionals and bodybuilders with experience recommend taking the supplement during the drying period, since the product does not contain harmful fats and simple carbohydrates, and the amount of amino acids is increased.

The manufacturer tries to satisfy various taste preferences and produces an additive with chocolate, strawberry-banana, vanilla, strawberry flavors. Not all of them are popular. The greatest demand is for such cocktails as vanilla and chocolate. Other tastes may also be liked, as some may like them. The greatest emphasis in reviews is given to athletes that the supplement does not cause any problems with digestibility and digestion. No stomach upset occurs after consuming this product.