Mass IT by Ostrovit

Gainer Mass IT is a sports high-calorie supplement taken by athletes for fast mass gain. The product is made by the Polish company Ostrovit, ideal for ectomorphs - skinny people by nature, experiencing certain problems with weight gain. Other athletes should not be carried away with such a supplement. It is better to give preference to protein complexes, which contain a low concentration of carbohydrates, so that, together with increasing muscles, not to gain excess fat.


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Reception effects

Taking the supplement leads to:

  • increase in muscle mass;
  • an increase in strength indicators;
  • contributes to increased productivity in training;
  • improves the quality of recovery after classes;
  • suppresses catabolic processes.

There is not only the effect of mass gain, but also training becomes much more productive.

Mass IT roster from Ostrovit

One portion of the gainer is 100 grams and contains 357 kcal, of which the following amount of substance is necessary for each component:

  • carbohydrates - 79 g (25 g per sugar);
  • protein - 10 g;
  • fats - 0.15 g;
  • fiber and sodium - 0.05 g.

The gainer contains coloring agents, flavors, as well as sweeteners. The basis for the protein mass is milk protein concentrate.

The percentage of protein is quite small. To compensate for the lack of protein, it is recommended to add egg whites, a large amount of milk to the gainer. The product can be combined with protein-rich supplements.

How to take

The manufacturer recommends consuming one or two servings of a gainer per day in between separate meals. On training days, the supplement should be drunk after completion of the training, which will significantly speed up recovery and stop catabolism. To prepare a portion of the additive, 100 g of the product is poured with water or non-fat milk (0.3-0.4 l).

Combining the supplement with other products allows you to improve the results from taking the weight gainer in question. Ostrovit experts advise choosing as a "satellite":

  • One of the BCAA amino acid complexes (2: 1: 1 or 8: 1: 1), which contributes to the increase in lean mass for muscles and faster recovery after exercise.
  • Pure creatine monohydrate in its pure form Ostrovit Creatine, enhancing anaerobic endurance, providing an increase in strength indicators.
  • Ostrovit Tribulus Testosterone Booster, an accelerating muscle kit that boosts strength.

The substance contained in one package is enough to prepare 10 servings. Geyner is contraindicated for women in an interesting position and during lactation.

Gainer Reviews

On sports forums and in online stores you can find a lot of comments about this supplement. Most leave positive feedback on gaining a gainer, emphasizing accessibility, quality, efficiency, and the absence of negative consequences.

The low-cost supplement produced in Poland is presented with the taste of strawberries and chocolate. Weight gainers are equally satisfied with both variations. Athletes with experience are advised to add about 3-4 egg whites for each serving of the drink. This increases the concentration of protein in the supplement.