Mass Effect Revolution by SAN

SAN's Mass Effect Revolution is a gainer. It is designed to gain muscle mass. People who eat too little and rarely train themselves to their detriment. They will never gain the treasured muscle volumes and will not look embossed. But the modern schedule dictates other rules. Many have no time to eat in the middle of the day, and cook something for themselves to take with them. Some have a very fast metabolism, which literally “burns” everything that was eaten during the day and does not allow building muscles. In all these cases, a high-quality cocktail of complete digestible protein and carbohydrates for energy will help build a dream figure. This product is intended both for fitness professionals, and for amateurs and those who are just starting to train in the gym.

Positive effects of taking the product:

  • Faster recovery, muscle growth;
  • The increase in strength indicators due to changes in body composition;
  • High-quality set without excess fat;
  • The ability to dial even for those who cannot eat regularly due to work or circumstances;
  • Improving body composition, increasing strength, endurance

The product does not contain any anabolic additives, this is a regular protein-carbohydrate mixture for athletes, just very high quality. It does not worsen health, does not give a rollback phenomenon. In general, it is as great as mashed potatoes, just more balanced and better absorbed.


One serving of Mass Effect Revolution (299g) gives the athlete:

  • 1100 calories
  • 50 g of protein;
  • 215 g of carbohydrates;
  • 5g of fat;
  • 6.5 g of fiber.

The protein contains only high-quality hydrolyzate. Often, athletes complain that the protein component of the gainer is not absorbed due to carbohydrates, or rather, because they overload digestion. This product solves problems, the proteins in the composition are divided into peptide chains, and are absorbed simply and easily.

How to use

This gainer is designed to gain muscle mass or replace one of the meals, or additional nutrition. Before you start drinking a weight gainer, you should reconsider your training plan in the direction of more difficult and voluminous training for muscle hypertrophy. This means that a beginner who only goes to the gym for the first month should turn on the gainer as soon as he is comfortable, and not immediately.

You can drink a gainer either in portions at once, without breaking into two, or, nevertheless, split into two doses. If the second option is chosen, it is advisable to take it before and after training, in the first case, practice shows that it is better to drink a gainer after a lesson, and not before it, since it will be difficult to train by drinking a large cocktail, and the gastrointestinal tract can be felt .

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Gainer reviews are good. Most athletes note that it saturates, assimilates well, and really helps to gain mass, and without stupid "pouring" water and fat. Muscles grow, eating appetite, it is convenient to cook and drink. The tastes of SAN are interesting, especially no one criticizes the brand for this.

A small number of negative reviews in the network about the product is associated with its high cost in relation to domestic products. It should be noted that a product with a protein hydrolyzate cannot be super cheap. Quality justifies the price in this case.