Mass Builder by VPLab

The Mass Builder gainer is adopted by athletes to improve muscle gain. Sports nutrition comes with supplements like vitamins and creatine. The product is a carbohydrate-protein drink. It is actively used by both professional bodybuilders and bodybuilders who work out in the gym at an amateur level.

Sports nutrition helps to increase energy reserves that enter the body along with food, which are sent to the construction of new muscle fibers. The gainer is ideal for those who cannot purposefully increase the calorie content of their daily diet. Not everyone can increase the number of meals. Two servings of this drink per day give 1026 calories.

Composition and effectiveness

Sports supplement contains carbohydrates and proteins. The number of the former is 71, and the latter is 19 grams. The carbohydrates that make up the product are maltodextrin and easily digestible sugar. These compounds are not very expensive, therefore, the additive itself has an affordable price. Professional trainers recommend taking this gainer to people who are experiencing problems with both weight gain and muscle mass. Athletes with an endomorphic physique are not recommended to take this supplement. The simple carbohydrates contained in the product contribute to the collection of body fat, which should not be allowed. Skinny by nature, this supplement is simply irreplaceable, as it is affordable and effective.

VPLab's Mass Builder contains 1.5 grams of creatine per serving. This compound has a positive effect on energy metabolism and increases strength indicators, which allows athletes to adapt to power loads.

How to take Mass Builder

They are determined most often by a trainer or a sports nutrition specialist. In order to correctly determine the daily intake, you should take into account the features of your menu and the degree of load. By analyzing this information, the amount of missing calories that need to be compensated is calculated. Typically, a portion of the gainer is taken either after the workout, or in the morning or in the evening as a snack.


The gainer is very popular with both professional bodybuilders and beginners due to its low cost. Athletes note a pleasant taste profile. Most athletes like the chocolate flavor. The additives also have disadvantages. Some athletes say they are not happy with the soybeans present in the product. In negative reviews, they often write about digestive upset after consuming the product. If you adhere to a balanced diet, follow the regimen and exercise, this supplement will give the desired result.