L-Carnitine by MyProtein

MyProtein L-Carnitine is pure L-carnitine. The use of a sports drug leads to an improvement in muscle relief and a decrease in body fat. Athletes most often drink L-Carnitine, manufactured by MyProtein, in preparation for the competition. The supplement is also not less popular with those who want to lose weight. Unlike drugs based on ephedrine or caffeine, it does not have side effects on the nervous system, and after the course there is no risk of a rollback.


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Reception effects

The additive has a multilateral positive effect on the human body:

  • reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat due to which the relief is improved;
  • increases energy reserves and stimulates brain activity;
  • accelerates fat burning processes in the body;
  • reduces bad cholesterol.

Another important positive feature of pure L-carnitine is that it has a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

MyProtein L-Carnitine Composition

The dosage of the drug is two capsules. It contains 100 mg of active active substance. There is nothing superfluous in the composition. No coloring matter, flavoring or other chemicals.

How to use

The daily dosage recommended by the manufacturer is two servings. The best time to take the supplement is morning and forty minutes before class. The assumption that a larger amount of a substance will enhance the resulting effect is erroneous. The study proved that increasing the dosage to two grams of carnitine does not affect the power of the action provided by the supplement.

This does not mean that exposure to L-carnitine cannot be increased. This can be done with the joint use of this supplement with other means aimed at burning subcutaneous fat and drawing relief or reducing muscle loss. Specialists of the manufacturer L-Carnitine advise you to take it, depending on your goals, with the following means:

  • BCAA amino acids to increase performance in class, improve recovery processes, reduce muscle loss and catabolism.
  • Impact Whey Protein, a whey protein that preserves muscle mass and reduces the layer of sebum.
  • Omega 3 fatty beneficial acids that improve athletic performance, accelerate fat burning processes, make the relief more pronounced, improve the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Alpha Men (vitamin and mineral complex), which helps to maintain and strengthen health, as well as to fill in the lack of trace elements.

The total duration of the course of the supplement is from four to five weeks. Further, you should definitely take a break for at least several months. If you ignore this recommendation, then your own carnitine in the body will begin to be produced in smaller quantities. Otherwise, there are no side effects and harm from taking the supplement.


Bodybuilders in specialized forums in most cases write about the supplement in a positive way. They note the high quality, effectiveness, convenient form for administration (tablets). Athletes who train for a long time, note that the greatest effect of L-Carnitine shows when used together with the BCAA amino acid complex. This allows you to further reduce the loss of muscle fibers. If you combine the supplement with other fat burners, you can achieve greater loss of subcutaneous fat.