Peptides are drugs to stimulate the production of androgenic growth hormone. They are produced by different manufacturers, and among the most popular are GHRP-6. The drug is advertised not only as a peptide that improves the quality of recovery processes after hard training, but also as a tool taken for faster rehabilitation after suffering an injury.


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Peptide action

GHRP-6 injections have a wide range of actions that are still being investigated. Reception of the peptide, as is commonly believed, leads to the following changes:

  • Increases the concentration of androgenic growth hormone in the body with all its inherent consequences. The use of the drug, as noted by users, normalizes sleep, helps to recover faster after training, and also reduces body fat without a strict diet, and does not feel overtraining.
  • Accelerates metabolism and increases appetite. The absence of the effect of suppressing hunger, and, conversely, the urge to consume more food in relation to growth hormone, allows you to gain lean muscle mass.
  • Rejuvenates the body. The action is manifested not only in internal changes, but also in external ones, when the skin is tightened and smoothed.
  • Beneficial effect on the circulatory system. The blood sugar level is also reduced, and the concentration of bad cholesterol is significantly reduced.
  • Increases resistance to infections. The protective and anti-inflammatory response of the body is enhanced.
  • Muscle endurance is enhanced. This has a positive effect on the training process.

The peptide has effects that allow the drug to be used by bodybuilders, but for weightlifters and powerlifters it is of little use, since it has almost no effect on strength indicators.

And if most peptides are used for weight loss, then GHRP-6 for these purposes without taking other drugs is not suitable, as it helps to increase appetite. You need to take the drug for those who not only want to lose weight, but also gain lean muscle mass.

The peptide is recommended for co-administration with BCAA, ZMA, GABA amino acids and other sports nutrition.

How to take GHRP-6

The dosage of the drug is determined by the degree of digestibility. About 100 μg of peptide is usually taken for each kilogram. If the dosage is increased, the secretion of growth hormone will increase by no more than 20 percent, so it is best to adhere to the optimal norm.

Injections are performed three times a day. They are made a quarter of an hour before eating, as well as before training. The level of growth hormone begins to rise after half an hour, and falls to its previous norm for 2 hours.

The course of the peptide GHRP-6 includes GHRP-2. Their combined use has a synergistic effect. The total duration of the course is determined individually, but varies between 6-12 weeks.

Side effects

The only drawback from taking this peptide is an increase in appetite. This can cause certain problems in the first two or three weeks after the start of the course, but, as taking the drug, it goes on. Itching may occur at the injection site, which often happens when peptides are taken.


The drug is usually written by those who refuse somatotropic hormone due to the high cost, noting that the drug is close in effect to solo GH, but without the need to additionally introduce thyroid hormones. There are also frankly negative reviews.

In reality, as people dissatisfied with the peptide write, there is practically no result, and if we compare the means with pharmacological drugs, it does not work. There are those who are unhappy with the need to consume a large amount of sports food. There are reviews with test results that confirm the real rise in GH.