GHRP-2 Peptide

A distinctive feature of the peptide GHRP-2 is that the active substance of the drug, in contrast to similar means, can be absorbed not only during injection. These properties of the substance have become the main reason for such a high demand for the drug. It is taken as a growth hormone stimulant. The drug shows a high level of effectiveness, the performance of which is higher than that of GABA. He does not tend to metabolize in the liver.


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What are the effects of taking the peptide GHRP-2?

Taking this substance in bodybuilding helps:

  • Increased Growth Hormone (GH). It is synthesized under conditions that are identical to natural, which eliminates the need for both T3 and T. This helps to maintain the natural metabolic rate. There is no effect on the thyroid gland.
  • Rejuvenation of the body. It is scientifically substantiated and proved that with an increase in the level of androgenic (intrinsic) GR, the state of the nail plate improves, the hair becomes healthier, the skin tone increases, and wrinkles are absent. Hormone supportive therapy in the United States is normal practice and is prescribed by a general practitioner.
  • Improve sleep. This property is manifested in the fact that a person spends less time in a dream, but at the same time is restored one hundred percent.
  • Get rid of body fat. High levels of GH have been shown to have a direct and indirect effect on the rate of metabolic processes. The direct effect implies an improvement in metabolism against the background of an increase in muscle mass, and an indirect effect is the acceleration of fat burning as a result of the growing need for energy in the body, which arises because the active phase of the day increases.
  • Increasing appetite. This effect is temporary. If the diet is properly balanced, then two weeks after the start of the course, the appetite returns to normal again.
  • Improving the condition of bones. There is an increase in their density, which becomes an excellent prophylaxis against osteoporosis.

An equally important effect of the drug is that it helps to reduce "bad" cholesterol in the blood. Among its effects, hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory are noted.

How to take GHRP-2

Two dosage regimens for this drug are common. There is no difference in dosage. It is 1-2 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. The difference is in how the substance is taken.

The first option involves the administration of intramuscular injections, and the second - the adoption of drops under the tongue. In bodybuilding, the first scheme is common. The total daily rate of GHRP-2, depending on the weight of the athlete, is divided into three doses. The substance is drunk before and after class, as well as either in the mornings or in the evenings.

To reduce appetite on the course, they take Dostinex. A synergistic effect is achieved when combined with a peptide such as GRF-1-29. The course involves a duration of two to three months, during which you can take sports nutrition (ZMA, GABA, glutamine, amino acids, arginine).

Cancellation does not entail major changes in the body. This is the reason for the lack of PCT.

Side effects

A negative manifestation of taking GHRP-2 is increasing appetite. For mass gain, this is good, but for drying, on the contrary, it is a bad phenomenon. Reduce appetite by using peptide on drying, as athletes advise. can be divided in the first 14 days

Reviews about the peptide GHRP-2

Athletes respond to the drug in completely different ways. Some write that they stopped taking the substance because of the excruciating desire to eat. There are athletes who have not noticed a visible effect on the topography and muscularity of the body, since neither in recovery nor in training, no positive changes have occurred.

There are positive reviews too. However, unfortunately, they are not entirely unambiguous. There are people among satisfied athletes whose positive opinion boils down to proving that pumping up is easy and simple without steroids.