Universal Nutrition Daily Formula

The Universal Nutrition Daily Formula Vitamin and Mineral Complex is made specifically for professional athletes, but can also be taken by people who lead a predominantly active lifestyle. The product is released by the American company Universal Nutrition. The supplement contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins. It has a balanced composition and affordable cost.

The complex contains about 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. Along with these components, the product also contains food enzymes that facilitate the digestion process. It can be taken on a daily basis or course. The duration of the latter is one or two months.


Each pill contains:

  • Vitamin A - 5, 000 IU;
  • vitamins B6, and B12 - 2 and 6 mcg;
  • Vitamin C - 60 mg;
  • Vitamin D - 400 IU;
  • Vitamin E - 30 IU;
  • vitamin K - 25 mcg;
  • folic acid - 200 mcg;
  • calcium - 160 mg;
  • phosphorus - 125 mg;
  • magnesium - 40 mg;
  • digestive enzymes - 32 mg;
  • niacin - 30 mg;
  • iodine - 25 mcg;
  • Biotin - 15 mcg;
  • pantothenic acid - 10 mg;
  • potassium - 9 mg;
  • vitamin B10, iron, zinc - 5 mg each;
  • copper - 2 mg;
  • selenium - 3 mcg;
  • chromium - 2 mcg;
  • molybdenum - 1 mcg;
  • riboflavin - 1.7 mg;
  • thiamine - 1.5 mg;
  • Manganese - 1 mg.

The described supplement is a budget analogue of Animal Pak, which is one of the most expensive vitamin and mineral products. Inexpensive complex allows you not to spend a large amount of money for those who do not plan to spend heavily on the purchase of vitamins. Low cost has made this complex one of the most popular among professional athletes and amateurs.

This complex in terms of affordability can only be compared with the domestic Complivit. However, choosing the effectiveness of the action, most experts made their choice in favor of the American product. This decision is explained by the fact that the Daily Formula better meets the needs of the person who trains daily. The main advantage of the product is that its composition is as balanced as possible.

How to take Daily Formula

Specialists of the manufacturer advise to use a vitamin and mineral supplement one pill a day and drink plenty of water. It is best to take the pill at the same time as breakfast. It is not recommended to use the complex on an empty stomach.

Most athletes use the Daily Formula at the same time as foods like protein or amino acid shakes, vitamins, and weight gainers. Vitamin-mineral complex does not bring side effects both with self-administration and in combination with other sports nutrition.

The complex is a universal product. It is equally useful for men and women. The supplement is intended for use by those who lead an active lifestyle and go in for sports, but can also be taken by people who want to improve their health.


Athletes and amateurs taking this product generally leave positive feedback on its effectiveness. It is impossible to fully rely on these statements, since it is impossible to track the effect of a particular complex of vitamins and minerals. You can fully experience the full spectrum of action of such additives only with vitamin deficiency.

Regardless of this, the Daily Formula vitamin complex is one of the best supplements among analogues, given the perfectly balanced ratio of cost and quality. Among the reviews about the product, one can single out both completely positive ones and those in which they write that it does not give any effect. Do not trust those people who attribute the supplement to increased performance and a surge of energy.