Creatine Monohydrate by Maxler

Pure creatine monohydrate, manufactured by Maxler under the trade name Creatine Monohydrate, is intended for use by athletes to gain muscle mass and increase strength. The main feature of the supplement is its affordable cost.

The main "drawback" of the drug is fluid retention in the body, so it is recommended to take it exclusively during mass collection. Water accumulates in the body exclusively during the period of taking the drug. After canceling the course, the fluid is excreted, and the body works in the “normal” mode. The downside is that, together with the outgoing water, the quality of the relief decreases.

The supplement has a positive effect not only on muscle mass, but also increases strength indicators, improves endurance. The main advantage of Maxler Creatine Monohydrate is that it comes in pure form. Buyer does not overpay for sweeteners and colorants.

What is included in ">

For each portion of the additive containing 5 g of the substance, a similar amount of creatine monohydrate is necessary without any impurities. The drug does not cause side effects and is completely safe for health. The only negative point is the accumulation of fluid. The product is suitable for regular use. Cycling and breaks are not a prerequisite.

How to take Creatler Monohydrate by Maxler

Creatine monohydrate is recommended to be taken in one portion, that is, 5 grams, once a day. Reception time does not matter. There is no point in increasing the dosage. The body, as was established during the research, cannot absorb more than 5 g of creatine per day. The supplement should be mixed with sweet juice or granulated sugar. This improves the absorption and speed of transporting the substance to the muscles.

The effectiveness of the drug increases co-administration with other supplements. The manufacturer advises combining Creatine Monohydrate, depending on the intended purpose, with the following means:

  • Special Mass Gainer - a gainer accelerates mass gain, but at the same time there is an increase in body fat;
  • 100% Golden Whey - whey protein that allows you to gain exceptionally lean muscle mass;
  • Amino BCAA 4200 is an amino acid complex necessary to suppress catabolism and quick recovery after high-intensity training.

You can take creatine according to another scheme - “loading”. It involves taking 20 g of the substance daily for a week, followed by a decrease in the amount to the recommended 5 g. But, based on research data, increasing the daily dosage does not enhance the effect obtained.


The supplement is popular and product reviews can be found on various forums and online stores selling sports nutrition. Almost all athletes write about Creatler, produced by Maxler, in a positive way. In the reviews, they note good effectiveness, quality, safety, low cost of the additive.

The sports nutrition in question is no different from other analogues. Almost all manufacturers of such complexes use the same raw materials, but this product has so many positive qualities. Fans of high European standards should definitely opt for this supplement.