MusclePharm Combat

MusclePharm Combat is a complex protein that combines several different types of proteins. Recent studies have proven that protein complexes are the best that can be taken after exercise. Immediately after the class is completed, amino acids enter the bloodstream with “fast” proteins like isolate, serum is turned on a little later, and after a few hours - casein. Thus, anabolic reactions do not stop.


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Reception effects

  • Support muscle recovery after training;
  • Providing body amino acids;
  • Stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • Increased energy level;
  • Muscle support for "drying";
  • Muscle building


In one serving (33.6 g) contains:

  • Only 4 g of carbohydrates from lactose;
  • 2, 5 g of fat;
  • 25 g of protein;
  • 130 kcal

Protein works 4-5 hours after ingestion. Its high-quality and full-fledged matrix allows you to replenish the supply of amino acids constantly, throughout the entire working time. The composition includes both interchangeable and essential amino acids, and BCAA. Protein enriches with a vitamin and mineral complex.

How to use

The manufacturer recommends 2 servings. The first should be stirred and drunk in the morning, before breakfast. This will make up for the amino acid deficiency created at night. The second - after training. You can also take casein for the night if you wish. The protein of this brand is easily mixed, you can literally dilute it with a spoon in a regular mug. Delicious cocktails are made in the shaker.

Protein of this brand can be supplemented with an amino acid complex to drink it before training, and BCAA during. Casein at night will help make the flow of amino acids constant, and avoid catabolism.


For several years now this is the best-selling product on Ayherb. The protein of this brand has 13 different tastes, from cookies and cream to classic banana, vanilla and chocolate. The opinions of athletes regarding tastes diverged. Abroad they like mint and waffle flavors, various “cakes” and “cookies”. Mint chocolate is the most popular flavor in the USA. We tend to classic vanilla and chocolate.

The product is in great demand due to its simple preparation. This is one of the most easily mixed proteins on the market. It is soluble in milk and water, and even in juice, does not form lumps. You can do without a shaker and just stir it with a spoon. On foreign sites they write that this is a good product for protein baking of various types.

The manufacturer uses high-quality sweeteners and fragrances, the product has no unpleasant smacks, and is not too cloying. It will appeal to those who value naturalness and a pleasant mild taste.

Domestic athletes pay attention to the fact that it is simple enough to assimilate a protein that does not overload the digestive tract. His lovers do not face digestive problems, which allows us to conclude that the protein is completely absorbed. There was no diarrhea and flatulence, and picking up a taste for yourself is not a problem at all.