Black Spider 25 Ephedra

The Black Spider 25 Ephedra, previously called the Black Widow, is a fat burner designed for professional athletes who take part in bikini, bodybuilding and bodybuilding competitions. Black Spider is not intended for beginners to do bodybuilding or for those who want to lose weight by the summer season. Launched by Cloma Pharma, this fat burner is a powerful high-dosage sports supplement. Its effect, judging by the reviews left by professional athletes, is similar to the original ECA complex. Its composition contains plant extracts. They enhance the stimulating effect of fat burner.


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The composition of the drug is most often evaluated not from the point of view of the components present in it, but by how much ephedra it contains. Some athletes think that 25 grams is not enough. This is not a fair statement, since it does not take into account that caffeine, whose dosage in fat burners is 390 mg, as well as willow extract, which is a natural analogue of aspirin, enhances its effect. This combination makes Black Spider 25 one of the most powerful stimulants.

Anhydrous caffeine is not the only ingredient with a stimulating and thermogenic effect on the nervous system. A similar effect is characteristic of other components:

  • Mate extract. Helps to stimulate the nervous system and increase physical performance, as well as reduce appetite.
  • Hoods guarana. It is a powerful energetic, increasing the quality of mental and physical activity, helping to focus completely on training.

Black Spider 25 contains ginger root, green tea, cayenne pepper - the ingredients that form the thermogenic complex together. The fat burner also includes vitamins B, theobromine, which raises the mood, as well as phenylethylamine, which is a precursor of narcotic substances, the circulation of which is limited in Russia. The latter fact can cause problems with the law when a parcel with Black Spider arrives from abroad.

How to take Black Spider

Fat burner begins to drink after one to two weeks after the start of the diet. Dosages and recommendations for taking Black Spider differ from similar sports preparations:

  • the first three days they drink one tablet after or during breakfast;
  • on the fourth day they add another pill, which is drunk at lunch or lunch;
  • drink plenty of fluids.

Important : You can not combine Black Spider with pre-workout complexes, other substances that promote weight loss. It is allowed to drink fatty acids, CLA, MCT at the same time. Reception of diuretics is allowed only for the second week after the cancellation of the fat burner, but in minimal dosages.

A sharp cessation of fat burner adversely affects the athlete. An athlete may develop depression, which makes training impossible. It is recommended that you continue to drink Black Spider in a twice reduced dosage until the carbohydrates in the diet reach a support value. In preparation for the competition, the fat burner is canceled only a week before the start of the sporting event, that is, when manipulations with water begin.

Side effects

The characteristic side effects of the Black Spider fat burner are: increased heart rate, increased sweating, shortness of breath. They are more pronounced than with simple supplements containing yohimbine and caffeine, but less intense than Clenbuterol.

In some cases, you may have trouble sleeping. Insomnia is stopped for some time by melatonin, but, given the rapid addiction to the latter, the effect does not differ in duration. To avoid lack of sleep, strength training should be completed at least three or four hours before bedtime.

Due to the hepatoxicity of the drug, the course should not exceed eight weeks, after which a thirty-day break and the use of a hepatoprotector after drying are mandatory. Even a healthy athlete can develop tachycardia, therefore, with power and aerobic loads, a cardiomonitor must be used.

Contraindications to taking Black Spider are: age younger than 18 years, pregnancy, increased nervous irritability, liver, heart, kidney disease.

Black Spider Reviews

For obvious reasons, professional athletes practically do not leave reviews about a fat burner. Those who are fond of sports for themselves mainly share their opinions on the drug, noting the loss of all from 200 to 600 grams per day, subject to limited nutrition and three meals a week, a surge of energy that manifests itself both at the household and at the sports level. The effect of fat burning is manifested only with the observance of diet and training regimen.

Women use the Black Spider to restore shape after giving birth. In addition, it allows you to get the necessary energy for training, so you can do much more in less time. Weight loss even with a simple diet reaches 8 kilograms in 2 months. However, the manufacturer does not recommend even those who used drugs with yohimbine and caffeine to start their acquaintance with fat burners with Black Spider, it is better to use less active formulas first.