BCAA Xplode by Olimp

BCAA Xplode is a powdery complex containing four essential amino acids. The main advantage of this sports nutrition is the high concentration of each component. Amino acids BCAA are presented in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. These proportions are time-tested. The complex is taken in the phase of gaining muscle mass and during the period of fat burning, when athletes are engaged in high-intensity training. Sports nutrition works in both directions and enhances the desired effect - to improve relief and protect muscle tissue from catabolic processes.


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Reception effects

The use of the complex allows you to get a whole range of positive effects on the athlete's body:

  • increase in lean muscle mass and strength indicators;
  • suppression of catabolic processes and faster recovery after training;
  • strengthening the protective functions of the body in athletes who train a lot and intensively.

One of the most significant concomitant properties of such a complex is the acceleration of protein synthesis and the maintenance of a nitrogen balance at a positive level.


Each serving of an amino acid sports supplement is two teaspoons or 10 grams. They contain:

  • leucine - 3 g;
  • valine and isoleucine - 1.5 g each;
  • vitamin B6 - 2 mg;
  • glutamine - 1 g.

Along with these components, the complex contains sweeteners, as well as various food flavorings.

How to take BCAA Xplode

Specialists of the manufacturer advise taking an amino acid supplement from two to three servings per day. To prepare a serving of the supplement for later use, in a glass of water or 250 milliliters of water. The portion should be drunk before training. Another is recommended to drink after class or in the morning in order to suppress catabolic nocturnal processes.

Experienced athletes recommend consuming it in conjunction with other sports nutrition. This is due to the fact that the complex enhances the effect of other drugs.

It is drunk with other supplements. The choice depends on the goal:

  • Those wishing to lose weight without losing a large amount of muscle mass, athletes are recommended to combine the intake of this supplement with protein complexes, which contain L-carnitine or carbohydrates.
  • To gain more muscle mass, amino acids should be added to the creatine or pre-workout complex, as well as to proteins or gainers.

The amino acid complex BCAA Xplode is safe and can be taken on an ongoing basis. No breaks or cycles are necessary. Athletes taking this supplement note no side effects. The main thing is to properly store sports nutrition and not violate the instructions for use.


A lot of reviews have been written about the amino acid complex in various forums and in online sports nutrition stores. Athletes in most cases are satisfied with the effect. The main advantage of this supplement is its high performance without any adverse side effects, as well as affordable cost. The taste qualities of this sports nutrition also leave athletes satisfied. The complex is produced with the taste of cola, strawberry, orange, fruit punch, lemon, pineapple. Judging by the comments of customers, the pineapple and lemon supplements are most in demand. Other tastes are also in demand, but to a lesser extent.