PureProtein BCAA

Low-cost Pure Protein BCAAs are a branched chain essential amino acid supplement. Helps to restore muscle after training loads, improves the immune system, makes it easier to get rid of fat while observing the training regimen and nutrition plan. Taking BCAA is a “trick” not only for professional athletes, but also for fitness enthusiasts. After all, amino acids increase the quality of life, help to do without muscle pain after training, and to achieve their goals is easy.

The composition of the complex

Pure Protein BCAA differs from similar products in the inclusion of citric acid and fructose. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are contained in the supplement in an ideal proportion of 2 to 2 to 1, and fructose serves to supplement muscle nutrition.

Important: if you are on pre-competition drying, consult your trainer about the possibility of taking fructose. Even a minimal amount of a substance can change shape.

Why add citric acid ">

The "working" dosage of BCAA is 20 g per day. These are 4 servings of 5 g each. The manufacturer recommends breaking this amount down like this:

  • In the morning on an empty stomach;
  • Before, after and during training;
  • On a day of rest - simply in equal portions throughout the day

If an athlete does cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, it makes sense to drink BCAA to maintain muscle. Some experts recommend drinking a single dose during a workout in the gym. This makes sense if the athlete has no digestive problems.

The additive is dissolved in juice or water. Juice is suitable for power athletes or bodybuilders on the mass. But losing weight girls are better off using water.

The package contains 200 g of branched chain amino acids. This is 40 servings of 5 grams, that is, a 10-day supply of amino acids.

Important: if we are talking about an unprofessional athlete, or a girl of light weight category, you can reduce the dosage to 5-10 grams.

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Athletes claim that this is a good supplement for their money. Some people had a problem with the retention of liquid on the dryer, but for fans it is not critical. Analyzes show that there are indeed amino acids in the package. The manufacturer does not “wind up” the price, and before us is an additive that can be purchased.

There are also disadvantages - the tastes of amino acids are specific, a green apple is more reminiscent of sweet apple juice with bitter notes, most praise forest berries, but they taste like powder from a cold.

In fairness, the tastes of competitors (Genetic Lab, RPS) are also significantly inferior to the American Scivasion, which are considered the benchmark in the world of BCAA. Pure Protein's BCAA is a regular, low-cost product that is cost-effective in quality.

Many fitness lovers write that they did not gain muscle, and did not “dry out” from amino acids. Here the reason for the negative is high expectations. The purpose of taking sports nutrition is to support the restoration of the body with full compliance with the training regimen and nutrition plan. Amino acids will help support the body, but will not do all the work for you.