BCAA 8: 1: 1 by VPLab

VPLab's BCAA 8: 1: 1 is cheaper than similar sports nutrition products. Is there a catch ">

The product is designed to:

  • Create an anabolic background in the athlete's body;
  • Promote muscle growth;
  • Accelerate recovery after training and block catabolism during cardio;
  • Help preserve muscle drying;
  • Reduce inflammation in muscle tissue

This product has an atypical amino acid ratio. Usually in the BCAA the ratio of 2 to 1k1 is widespread, because athletes are wondering whether to buy this complex.

The manufacturer claims that the main action of this product is to prevent catabolism and improve recovery. And glutamine is precisely an “expert” in this matter. In addition, it improves immunity, which means that less training will be missed due to illness. Athletes argue that it is better not to mix supplements, and take glutamine separately before bedtime.

Amino acids enter the body with protein sources. They are quite difficult to "isolate" and have to be absorbed when a person has eaten protein food. Only therefore, from a scientific point of view, a discussion about the time of glutamine intake does not make sense. Another question is that we do not buy BCAA, but a mixture, and therefore we do not really save it.

How to use

Take BCAA with this ratio of amino acids in about the same way as usual. We scoop a scoop in water, and we take with ourselves mix for training. We drink a portion during the lesson, a portion before or during cardio. You can also drink water with amino acids in the morning, if protein is not taken at this time.

Some athletes cost 1 serving of BCAA per day, and drink it before training, others bring the amount of amino acids to the “textured" ones of 20 g. Still others take it only on the day of training and during cardio, and fourth take it on rest day too. The intake of amino acids and protein is an individual thing. It depends on the athlete’s usual nutrition more than on other factors. If an athlete in life does not eat up protein, and does not want to increase the number of protein sources in the diet, he should take care of consuming 20 g of BCAA, if not, lower doses can be dispensed with.


Athletes write a variety of reviews about this product. Someone is not going to buy it because of the glutamine in the composition, others because they do not like the taste. Some evaluate the product as an adequate assistant in the restoration of muscle after a workout, while others believe that you should stay away from such "helpers", since glutamine can be found cheaper. When buying a sports drink, you need to remember that tastes are an individual matter, and for their money the product of this manufacturer is quite normal.