BCAA 5000 Powder by Optimum Nutrition

The main goal of each athlete’s training is to build muscle. Volumes are growing thanks to essential amino acids - leucine, valine, isoleucine. They are not produced in the human body, but come from outside. It is simply impossible to completely cover the need of a training person for essential amino acids from ordinary food, because the products contain these compounds in a minimal amount. To obtain the necessary concentration of substances required for muscle growth, athletes take various sports supplements. Very popular among athletes is such a complex as BCAA 5000 Powder, manufactured by Optimum Nutrition - one of the most famous manufacturers of sports nutrition.

The supplement contains three essential amino acids. Isoleucine, valine, and leucine account for thirty-five percent of the total number of amino acids contained in muscle fibers. They are directly involved in blocking catabolic and anabolic processes. The complex is absolutely safe for humans, but it can significantly increase the athletic performance of trainees. The product improves the quality of recovery and has a positive effect on human health in general.


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Reception effects

Taking the supplement helps:

  • inhibition of catabolic influences;
  • lean muscle mass growth;
  • decrease in subcutaneous fat;
  • increase the strength of the athlete;
  • activation of protein synthesis;
  • preservation of dry muscle mass during the drying period;
  • increase the effectiveness of taking other sports supplements taken together on a course of amino acids.

Thanks to amino acids, muscle mass builds up much faster.

Are there any side effects or contraindications "> Composition

One serving of amino acids (1 scoop - 5g) contains:

  • Leucine - 2.5g;
  • Valine - 1.25g;
  • Isoleucine - 1.25g.

How to take BCAA 5000 Powder

It is recommended to take two to three servings daily. The first time the complex is drunk 45 minutes before training, the second time during the training, and the third time after completion of the lesson. In days free from physical activity, the supplement is drunk between separate meals. The substance is stirred with water, juice, added to protein shakes or gainers. Additives are available in two versions - 40 or 60 servings.


Most bodybuilders respond to the complex in a positive way. In online stores and forums, athletes note the high efficiency, quality and affordable price of the supplement. The product is recommended to use even by professional bodybuilders. In their comments, athletes write about the absence of any negative effects and the excellent absorption of the supplement in the body. The complex is produced in neutral and orange variations, as well as with the taste of fruit punch. All three varieties of the supplement have been enjoyed by athletes. The neutral option is chosen by those who believe that amino acids should be completely tasteless.