Asia Black 25 by Cloma Pharma

The active ingredient in the Asia Black 25 fat burner is the proven Ephedran, caffeine and willow extract, which has been proven and proven by time. Being a thermogenician, the drug stimulates and accelerates metabolism, allows the body to more easily adapt to a diet, feel good even with a limited diet.


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The composition of Asia Black 25

The basis of the active formula is the ECA stack, which is present in the preparation in an amount of 25 milligrams. Thanks to the willow bark extract, which is an analogue of aspirin, synthetic ephedran and anhydrous caffeine, the drug stimulates the nervous system, helps to concentrate, helps to get a greater return during physical exercises, and also accelerate the process of burning fat.

The composition of the supplement contains components that help overcome weakness and fatigue, often arising from a diet:

  • extract from yohimbe, enhancing the effect of caffeine, affecting androgen receptors in adipose tissues, which leads to active fat burning;
  • green tea, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the heart muscle and blood vessels, slows down aging, accelerates the utilization of fat deposits, helps get rid of edema and cellulite manifestations;
  • hood hood of Gordon and cacti, which reduces hunger, which for many years has been used in the production of diet pills, but it acts exclusively in combination with substances that stimulate the central nervous system.

To enhance the effect of taking a fat burner, the manufacturer recommends limiting the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, completely eliminating carbonated drinks and fast food.

How to take Asia Black

The recommendations for taking the supplement are practically no different from the instructions for similar products for other fat burners based on ephedran. The first capsule is drunk 30-45 minutes before breakfast, the second - before dinner, but this is not required.

Dosage is usually selected individually. Most athletes only need to take one capsule per day. Some need additional intake of a second tablet. Regardless of your needs, you need to lose weight with the use of such an additive correctly, which implies a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages, tea, and coffee. Drink should be clean water.

Side effects

A healthy person, taking a fat burner, practically does not feel any side effects. In some cases, nervous agitation, insomnia, and fever can be observed. There is pain in the heart, the drug is canceled, consult a doctor.


They testify that the drug is equally good for both men and women. Some reviews say that a fat burner helps to lose up to 8 or more kilograms. If you do cardio, weight will go away quickly, but muscle mass will also decrease in volume. Especially like the supplement to girls who write that in a month it is possible to lose up to 12 kilograms.